Dear PoPville – What’s Up with the Water Leak at the Petworth Metro?

Petworth Metro Leak

“Dear PoPville,

A small mystery in the Petworth metro. In the tunnel under Georgia Ave that is part of the entrance to the Petworth Metro Station there is always water covering a large portion of the floor. At first, I thought its was due to people tracking in snow, but over time its become apparent that its some sort of perpetual leak. The floor tiles get pretty slick when wet. Any information on plans for repair?”

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  • “Any information on plans for repair?”

    LOL. Been in DC long? 🙂

  • Oh good. Something to look forward to on my commute home. And could someone explain why one of the escalators is out of service every other day on the north bound side up to the street level? Is ist possible for an escalaotor to break every two days for YEARS on end. I am truly curious.

    • I once sent an email asking Muriel Bowser about the continually broken Petworth escalators (which one will be out today?!?). Her reply was to add me to her email list and nothing else.

    • The last time I saw a report from WMATA on escalator outages, the escalator in the system that is out with the greatest frequency is the Ga. Ave. escalator on the NH Ave side. It’s mind blowing how infrequently I find it working; in fact when I arrive to the metro in the morning and don’t have to clomp down it I’m typically surprised.

  • Nah, those guys smoke joints. They used to smoke atop the northbound GA escalators; now they just smoke in the tunnel itself, right next to the leak. I’ve seen them in there multiple times, during busy hours, with plenty of other people around.

    I once told the station manager (who was attending to the turnstiles) that, just FYI, there’s some guys openly smoking weed right there in your station. His reply? “Yeah, they do that all the time.”

    • Wait, the manager was attending the turnstiles?

    • Station managers are (typically) useless, but that blase response takes the cake.
      Don’t bother reporting the smokers to the station managers; contact Metro Transit Police (202-962-2121).

    • Classic WMATA.

    • Not sure how familiar you are with synthetic weed but it was most likely that, which is legal (albeit not cool to smoke in the metro tunnel).

      • Not familiar with it, because I’m not a desperate 14-year-old who’s just smoked his last bowl of the real stuff. Does it smell exactly like the real deal (a smell I’m very familiar with)? Cause this stuff does.

      • FYI most synthetics products are made of substances that can be charged as analogs of the already illegal synthetics, i.e. more severely than marijuana.

      • So the guy standing there last week who asked me if I wanted to buy weed as I walked by, was he trying to sell me synthetic weed?

  • This is a prime example of the complete lack of accountability and leadership at Metro.
    It’s been like this for months. I wrote to WMATA a few weeks ago and did get a call back from a sheepish customer relations person. He tried to get some information but couldn’t get anywhere — basically he said a few different internal divisions were kicking it back and forth and nobody was willing to take ownership or actually *do* anything.

    • I will add: Muriel Bowser sits on Metro’s Board of Directors. This major safety concern has been going on for months, basically in her back yard. So you can see the kind of leadership we can expect if she’s elected mayor.

      • She is so utterly useless. I can’t believe I’m saying this – but I hope that the feds hold off on charging Gray for at least another month!

  • I have seen people slip and fall in this very puddle a number of times over the past few months. It won’t be long before someone breaks a bone and sues metro – that will get them to fix it.

    • The Petworth Station puddle was actually frozen in large patches earlier this week, making it a lot more dangerous than usual.

    • i slipped a few weeks ago and strained my lower back. i actually had to go to a doctor. it’s unbelievable how slippery this is everyday.

  • Takoma has one of these at the main entrance, almost all of the time. They sometimes have to close one of the two gates because it get so bad. I think it’s from poorly routed downspouts.

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