Dancing Crab Closed for Renovations Until Late Summer in Tenleytown

4611 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Dancing Crab which celebrated their 40th anniversary last year is getting a major facelift. While they’ve already fixed up the patio the inside is now getting a complete redo too. Work started in late Nov. so expect significant changes since they aren’t re-opening until late summer 2014.


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  • Let’s hope it’s for the better. This place has been slowing dying since it moved into that space from down the block.

  • Right.. they should’ve stayed in their original space. So much history upstairs at the Malt Shop.

  • I’m no Warren Buffet but me thinks that the decision to be OPEN during non-peak season for crab eating and beer drinking and to be CLOSED during peak season and crab eating is just plain non-sensical madness tomfoolery!

    • My guess is that most of their crab isn’t from local waters. Others may know for sure about the Dancing Crab, but the crab in most restaurants and stores is often from Asia and/or the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Timing seems strange. Why not renovate during the winter, and be prepared for the hot weather crab-eating season? Plus, I liked them better when they were in the scruffier, neighborhoodier crab shack space. I hope the redo serves them well.

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