&Pizza and Peet’s Coffee Coming Soon Signage Posted by E Street Cinema

1005 E Street, NW

In Feb. we posted some scuttlebutt that an &Pizza would be taking over the former Freshii space by E Street Cinema. Coming soon signage has now been posted:


In January we learned that a Peet’s Coffee and Tea would be coming to the former Citibank space at the corner of 11th and E St, NW across the street from E Street Cinema. And by the by – anyone know if any of the other Peet’s (former Caribou spots) have been converted and opened already?

Coming soon signage is now up for the 11th and E Street location:

435 11th Street, NW

and they’re hiring too:


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  • Does anyone know when the Peets will open on 14th and Rhode Island? I’ve tried Facebooking and Tweeting at them and…nothing.

  • Stoked. Peets was in Farragut Square last Friday giving away coffee so they must be getting close. They are still pretty old school on the Facebook and the Twitter – bit more active on Instagram.

  • I walked by the one at 13th and F and it was not open yet.

  • The one on 13th and F has been closed since March 3rd- really wish it would hurry up and reopen.

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