Update on Development Coming to 2100 Vermont Ave by Duffy’s and 9:30 Club

2100 Vermont Ave, NW

Update on this prime space from the invaluable Short Articles about Long Meetings (SALM):

“Richard Foster Architects has proposed a design for a six-story mixed-use building at 2100 Vermont Avenue NW. It would contain 19 rental units of between 430 and 716 square feet apiece. There will be no parking spaces. Residents will promise not to seek an on-street resident parking permit as a condition of their lease.

The ground floor would have room for 2,100 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, with doorways facing both V Street and Vermont Avenue.”

Though SALM also reports that ANC1B’s Design Review Committee did not like the initial design. Updates when/if they submit a redesign and/or they pass their Board of Zoning Adjustment.

Full details on the meeting here.

We’ve been watching this former Horse’s ass award nominee since 2011.


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  • why are they trying to squeez a mixed use building here. i feel like a bar with a big patio deck would make a killing right there.

  • Two things:

    1 – “In addition to requiring tenants not to seek a residential parking permit, the presenters said they would coordinate with D.C authorities to put a block on the address at the permit-issuing office.

    2 – “The presenters said bike storage was planned in the basement. To access the storage, the committee pointed out, tenants would have to carry their bikes through the lobby, through a doorway, down a circular staircase, and through another doorway, to access the storage”

    So they want to make sure that no one drives OR rides a bike?

    The developers are pandering to both of the neighbors’ fears: yuppies stealing parking, and more yuppies riding bikes.

    • Two things:
      1) The point of them saying residents wouldn’t be able to get a parking permit is because DC requires new buildings to provide on-site parking so the new residents to increase parking congestion. Here, the developers are trying to appease the ANC DRC by saying that parking won’t get worse because the residents won’t be eligible for resident street parking passes.
      2) It was the ANC DRC that pointed out that bike parking was really inaccessible, despite the developers claim that bike parking would be available. The lack of easy bike parking probably goes more to the point that residents are more likely to have/keep cars if there isn’t a convenient bike room.
      In summary, the developers were pandering to neighbors at all. They were desperately trying to convince (mislead?) the ANC that this development would have no impact on parking.

      • is this true of all new buildings, that they have to provide parking? i live near the florida ave development between 7th and 9th street, as well as pretty close to the one near the 930 club. i hate owning a car in DC but i work in the burbs, and i street park. ive already guessed i am totally screwed when those buildings open. the one on florida will have parking to my knowledge, but if the building provides rental parking spaces does this prevent people at those addresses from getting a RPP? is there a way i can check to see if they will be allowed to park on my street?

        • As it stands now, all new apt buildings in your area must provide one space for every three units, or seek relief from the DC zoning authorities. Under new rules, it may be one space for six units. In my experience, people can have private off-street parking and still apply for an RPP. The idea of forbidding RPPs is a relatively new one – each new one is still newsworthy. I think it would be difficult to obtain the information you seek about your neighbors, but if you want to look you might start here…


  • How could they really enforce the no parking permit section of the lease?

    • They’d have to arrange it with the DMV for that street address to be ineligible for RPP. I think there are some buildings near the baseball stadium with this provision.

    • Relying on residents to “promise” not to seek RPP sounds ridiculous.

  • man, looks like such a cute space for a shop or a bakery, too.

    • Can they also add a clause that keeps future residents from filing noise complaints against American Ice Co? Given how loud that patio can get, I can see that becoming an issue.

      Seriously though, I hate the idea of squeezing a housing unit onto that corner. As others have said, it would be ideal for a small business or restaurant.

  • Yikes! 19 Tiny little boxes with 19 little bicyclers on the second floor. What is this?? — a college dorm??

  • Great place for more density!

  • I think this area is getting too over-grown with mixed-use space. Ripping old buildings out for just another popup building. Re-use the building that’s already there!

  • If developer can’t afford to put parking in they overpaid for the lot.

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