Curse of 3508 Connecticut Ave, NW Continues

by Prince Of Petworth February 27, 2014 at 4:30 pm 7 Comments

3508 Connecticut Ave, NW

3508 Connecticut Ave, NW is another one of those properties that just can’t seem to hold a tenant. I just noticed the Sprint Phone Store has closed in the former Cacao Cafe space which was formerly Cold Stone Creamery. It’s a prime location so it’ll be interesting to see who takes the next crack at it. I vote for bringing back Yanni’s – a kickstarter I would happily contribute too!


  • Snappity Snap Snap

    Didn’t this used to be Uptown Scoops (before it became Cold Stone Creamery)? That was a decent ice-cream store if I remember correctly, and now that Max’s in Glover Park is no longer with us there’s a dearth of good ice-cream stores in the city.
    As for the Sprint store, well, I can’t fathom why there are so many phone stores since you can do pretty much everything related to your phone online.

    • Yeah Uptown Scoops sounds right! Anyone remember what it was before that?

      • Eleanor Oliver

        Before the building was completely closed down and renovated it was an Indian vegetarian carry-out. Before that it was an individually owned building and was something called Howies Chicken Bucket. A Cleveland Park landmark and still sorely missed by many of us. I could be off by a few storefronts because since the renovations to the building the storefronts have blended together visually and front doors have been rearranged to add a little variety.

  • albany

    Love, the Yannis idea

  • I believe this space was also a bakery/coffe placefor awhile – or was that next door?

  • Vered

    Uptown Scoops was wonderful. Family run, I believe, and they made their own ice cream. Lines out the door in the summer. They were open late on weekends, and drew in a lot of patrons from the Uptown Theater.

    Cold Stone Creamery, what a big step down. A predominantly suburban chain that served over-sugared fare.

    One summer a few years ago a pop-up shaved ice store opened in Friendship Heights and was mobbed. What about something like that for that space? Too seasonal?

  • How ’bout a Radio Shack?


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