New Japanese-French Restaurant from Owners of Petworth Citizen to be Called Crane and Turtle, Opening in April

828 Upshur Street, NW

We finally have a name for the new Japanese-French restaurant coming from the owners of Petworth Citizen and Room 11 – Crane and Turtle.

Their facebook page says:

“Crane And Turtle is a chef-driven, neighborhood restaurant that celebrates the marriage of Chef Makoto Hamamura’s great passions – Japanese and French cooking.”

Owner Paul Ruppert tells me they are planning on an April opening – check out some renderings of the inside:


Seating capacity 25.


and hopefully the outside will look like this:


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  • epric002

    very excited! and how thoughtful of them to be (hopefully) opening just in time for my birthday 🙂

  • Wow – looks impressive, although small. I’m really curious to see the menu for this place. How exactly do you marry french and japanese cuisine? Will there be sushi? Fingers crossed that the bar in the back corner is a sushi bar.

  • rendering is laughable.

  • Please, please, please let the food be better than Petworth Citizen. I adore Room 11 and love PC’s decor, but just cannot seem to have a good meal there.

    • On the topic of Petworth citizen, I had the steak cut bacon for brunch last weekend and I was in heaven. It was the biggest thickest piece of bacon I ever had. .I never even knew you cut prepare bacon this way. To top it off, I got to tell the waitress, “I’ll have the bacon, please” when she asked me for my order,which I thought was just really fun in its own right. Plus, I washed it down with a spicy horseradish and sriracha bloody that was only $6.

    • I’ve been pretty happy with the food at PW citizen. I’ve tried most things on the menu and have been happy. The chorizo burger is particularly good.

    • That’s too bad, I’ve had good food every time I’ve been to PW Citizen. (Mind you, it hasn’t been *great* food, but I don’t expect to get great food at a bar.) I’ve only been to Room 11 once, but if I had to choose one or the other for food I would actually pick the Citizen.

  • Love the concept. Two of the most sublime cuisines on the planet merged into one! And, wasn’t Paul Ruppert behind the wonderful and much missed Ruppert’s Restaurant? Glad he’s getting back into the eating game.

    • saf

      I used to LOVE the food at Ruppert’s. I do not understand why none of his places since then have served anything I enjoy eating.

      • It was awesome! I had the best valentine’s dinner of my life at that restaurant, and I think the only v-day dinner I’ve ever had without a churlish server. Haven’t tried any of the food at his current places, does he have restaurants? I know he does Passenger, but isn’t that mainly a bar?

        • justinbc

          The food at The Passenger is very bar oriented, but some of it is particularly great. Their pork cheek nachos are my single favorite bar food item in all of DC. The Cuban sandwich (when they have it on the menu) is another can’t miss item.

  • Argh. I am so sick of these Japanese French restaurants with their over the top ornamental sidewalk kale. That kale-to-bench ratio is offensive.

  • Drop the French! Keep the Japanese!!!

    We need sushi, teriyaki, miso, and udon!!

    Chez Billys has French covered… I am happy to see new stuff coming to good locations in my neighborhood though 🙂

  • Great – I’m pumped!

    • Hallelujah! This place looks great. Keep the restaurants and food options coming to Petworth! I’d even take a Chipotle and a Potbellys in Park Place by the metro!

      • Agreed – super excited about this place, and still wondering why Park Place seems so empty…

        • Something shady is going on. I’m just not sure what. Wish we could get our elected officials engaged.

          • What is the city’s excuse to not impose higher vacant tax rate on those spaces, in Park Place? It’s been years! At least force them to offer it up for free to non-profits or food banks until they find a tenant they like!

        • saf

          Because they are charging metric f-tons of money for the spaces.

          • Can nothing be done? If they received city financing or rebates, the citizens deserve to have these retail spaces filled. Are they waiting for the Safeway?

          • saf

            They received all KINDS of tax breaks.
            Ask Muriel if she has even spoken to them about it…

          • I lived in NW for about a year and was always frustrated at the empty Park Place storefronts. I wrote an email to MB about this asking about the tax breaks, what she was doing to address this, etc. I received the following response from her staff:

            “Thank you for writing to Councilmember Bowser. Our office works very closely with the Developer to fill the vacant store fronts. We are hopeful that they will be occupied in the near future. We will keep you posted of progress. Do you subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter? “

          • I should add that email was from almost a year ago. The staff member signed me up for the weekly MB newsletter without asking, and that was as close to a follow up as I got.

          • Bowser must have been too busy running for mayor to care about her own constituents. We need to draw more attention to this Park Place issue. It’s really a shame.

          • Just did some searching and apparently this was the subject of a Popville post exactly 11 months ago:

            Doesn’t look like much has changed since then? Perhaps we could reach out to Donatelli Development again for comment?

          • POP: Is there anything that you can do to help use keep up the pressure to fill in the vacant retail space at Park Place? Bowser obviously doesn’t care… Maybe some increased attention will get people focused again. Thanks!

          • This was probably said before, but the big problem at Park Place is that there was an owner of the building who wanted ultimate control over who rented there. That party is gone now, and my understanding is that almost everything is leased–coffee shops or something (don’t quote me, but maybe a Starbucks and/or Dunkin Donuts?). Though I was given this info 3 months ago and I haven’t seen anything change, so maybe it was the building management’s delusions or something.

          • Judging from all of the interest on this thread, it seems to STILL be an unresolved issue and one that the community cares about. I say we all contact Muriel Bowser or perhaps the mayors office. I think we just need to keep up the pressure.

  • Hopefully better than Petworth Citizen – the worst restaurant I’ve eaten at in 6 years in DC (And I want so badly to like it!)

    • Not to dredge up this conversation again, but I’m still not sure why people think of it as a restaurant (I don’t think they call themselves that). Maybe I’m stuck in an old-school mindset where a restaurant and a bar serve different purposes, but to me the Citizen is a bar and doesn’t aim for restaurant-quality food service. The menu is tiny, as is the kitchen, so I think it’s odd to call it a restaurant and then say the food’s not that good. I realize that bars don’t *have* to have bad food, but I also think referring to a good bar as a “bad restaurant” is disingenuous.

  • justinbc

    What would a restaurant (meaning not fast food) that’s not “chef-driven” consist of?

    • saf

      A restaurant that is owner-driven?

    • It’s about who makes the menu decisions– the chef, based on creative genius, or the restaurant managers/ owners, based on cost and availability of ingredients, or based on some kind of theme or corporate menu.

      • justinbc

        I see, so basically they’re saying they aren’t TGIFridays?

        • I don’t think it’s quite that stark – may decent restaurants aren’t chef-driven. Le Diplomate, for example.

          • chef-driven just means that the chef is literally able to do whatever he/she wants to the menu and the rest of it will follow (i.e. beverage, service, etc). “non-chef-driven” restaurants are generally “concept driven.” p. citizen, for example, is a neighborhood bar so their interpretation(s) of “neighborhood” food & drink are what will appear on the menu there—and nothing else.

            the whispers i’m hearing regarding c & t are that the menu isn’t particularly french OR japanese—just that they’re using techniques of both (so no sushi/and no coq au vin—think outside the box!).

  • I’m excited about this opening. I hope its kind of a Makoto thing. A destination restaurant for an excellent, quiet, expensive meal. I’ve occasionally got expensive-meal-money…

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