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  • This just has to be the same artist who did the Ben’s Chili Bowl mural.

  • what is their significance to shaw?

    • Hughes spent his free time on 7th street while bussing tables at the Wardman Park Hotel in Woodley Park (and it’s not in Shaw, but Busboys and Poets is named for him).

  • This mural is odd because it depicts Shiloh Baptist Church’s vacant properties on the west side of the 1500 block of 9th Street falsely: Instead of their current condition (decaying, falling apart), or their prior condition (occupied row homes/retail spaces), it depicts a fiction: the properties consolidated into one, their historic front stoops removed, and one common entrance. I guess it’s a nod to what Shiloh dreams to build, some sort of senior living facility (?).

    However, I have serious doubts if that church could ever muster the money, unity, or management to build such a place. Remember when they closed down 9th Street a few years ago for a ceremonial groundbreaking on 1533 9th Street? Yeah… that building is still boarded up and nothing beyond demolition done….

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