Dog Found in Columbia Heights – Update: Owner Found

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“Dear PoPville,

We found this dog near 11th & Harvard around 3am this morning. He has a collar but no tags. Will keep for a couple hours before taking to the Humane Society. Hoping to find the owner in the neighborhood if possible.”

If you recognize this dog please email columbiaheightscrib(at)gmail(dot)com

Update: Owner Found!

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  • Big thanks to the Washington Humane Society! With their help we were able to find the owner and get the dog home safely!

  • What a cutie! I wonder if that’s a shiba inu (or shiba inu mix).

  • when will owners realize that they not only need a collar on their 4 legged family members but the also need to put on a ADDRESS TAG, even a rabies tag can be traced to the owner by calling the vet listed on it. it would be nice if we all have a chip put in the pet. doing this can help save a lost dog from a visit to the shelter and who knows what else. PLEASE LETS HAVE MORE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS OUT THER! ! ! !

    • They probably found the owner through a chip.

      • and i am so happy that they found the owner because of his/her chip. but there are hundreds of dogs in shelters who have owners that just don’t bother to chip their pets. tags with owner information would be helpful as the people who found the pup would have been just able to call them directly and save a trip to the humane society. a happy ending all the same!

        • For the record it wasn’t due to a chip. We filed a found dog report and the owner filed a lost dog report and we we’re matched up by the Humane Society. We never ended up even taking him to the shelter.

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