Frightening Report of a Violent Mugging in Ledroit Park Saturday Night


From the Ledroit Park listserv:

“I’d like to make the neighborhood aware of a violent robbery which occurred on my block on Saturday night. The victim was walking on U Street from 6th to 5th, and was attacked in the street in front of the row of townhouses. It was 1030pm, and the victim was walking down the street (sober) when someone came up behind him, placed a gun to his neck, and demanded his wallet or he’d be sot. The victim did not resist, but the assailant still tore the victim’s pants as he ripped the victim’s wallet out of his pants. He then swung the gun against the victim’s head, resulting in a skull fracture. The incident was reported to police and the victim was taken to Howard hospital. Please be VERY aware of your surroundings when walking in our neighborhood. If anyone knows of a way to find out whether the assailants are ever apprehended, please let me know.”

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  • Very scary. Because of the street layout and traffic patterns in that area, that street has almost no vehicle or pedestrian traffic on it — very desolate. A mugger who fractures someone’s skull after they’ve complied with the mugger’s demands is an extremely dangerous criminal. I hope the police are taking this seriously and assigning detectives to the investigation. My recollection is that there may be a security camera on one of the buildings at the corner of U and 5th; if so, maybe it captured an image of the perpetrator.

    • +1. The lack of through streets creates a naturally desolate stretch – wish something could be done about that. I always stick to the main streets at night, although the increasing brazenness of crimes gives me pause.

  • Very jacked up. No need to pistol whip a cooperative victim.

  • Sorry to hear about this. Thoughts and prayers are with the victim for a speedy recovery.

  • I don’t know anything about the race of either the criminal or the victim. However, I have noted a lot more gratuitous violence associated with muggings the past couple of years. it is my hunch that the talk you hear lately about gentrification, “hipsters” in the hood, and “The Plan” are creating of lot of anger in the AA community that manifests itself in fractured skulls and other injuries, even for compliant victims.

    I agree with the OP that you have to be very, very careful nowadays — and 10:30 isn’t very late. I’m older, so I keep early hours, anyway.

    i hope the guy is caught and put away before he kills somebody.

    • If there was not gratuitous violence in predominately black neighborhoods I would agree. If there were not a strong number of black on black crime east of the river I would agree. However there was and will always be crazy psychopaths lurking the streets. They care nothing about a “Plan” or gentrification, all they see is targets. I have been violently mugged a couple times. I don’t think the mugger was well versed in the Plan or worrying about the trend of gentrification. They just needed more PCP.

    • From DCPD twitter: 3D Robbery- 500 blk U St NW/ LOF: B/M, 30 yrs, dk complx, navy blue hooded jkt, light blue jns //2495

    • It’s funny – in a sad way – how you begin your post with “I don’t know anything about the race of either the criminal or the victim,” but then proceed to launch into a race-based discussion of the crime. But it’s not really surprising. I can’t remember a post in this forum about a crime that did not devolve into race-baiting.

      • “It’s funny – in a sad way – how you begin your post with “I don’t know anything about the race of either the criminal or the victim,” but then proceed to launch into a race-based discussion of the crime. But it’s not really surprising. I can’t remember a post in this forum about a crime that did not devolve into race-baiting.”

        And… the lookout is for a B/M. Look at the data: there’s a reason that discussions about violent crime in DC ultimately focus on B/M. And it isn’t racism.

        • gotryit

          It’s your “hunch” that people are being racist in their mugging targets that is offensive. And sounds like a touch of racism on your own part.

        • Except the poster also assumed the victim is white. Let me guess, you think white people are the only crime victims in this city? What a farce.

      • Don’t forget selective victim-blaming. In the earlier post about the drive-by shooting, at least one commenter implied that because the victims knew their assailant they deserved to be shot at. But here, where the victim didn’t know the assailant, there is sympathy abounding. The callous responses to certain crimes in this city is sickening.

        • Obviously not the case here, but why is it never proper to blame the victim? If you are a member of a gang (a choice) and take part in a shooting of a rival gang (a choice) and then end up getting shot in retaliation, is it not okay to place some blame on your lifestyle choices? Or if you rip off a drug dealer and somehow that comes back on you, might your initial decision to partake in criminal behavior (the theft, not the doing drugs) have led to your fate? I just don’t get why everyone defends the victims no matter what. I don’t know what happened in the drive-by (and I suspect you don’t either), but I do know that I have never been summoned to a car by someone I know and then shot at, and I am pretty sure that is because I do not associate with people who might be willing to shoot me or someone else. Maybe those girls were completely innocent or maybe there is a side of the story we don’t know. Either way, we probably should not speculate without knowledge, but we also shouldn’t defend all victims of crime equally.

          • You usually should not blame the victim when you do not know what happened. Reserve your judgement when you have the facts.

          • “I have never been summoned to a car by someone I know and then shot at, and I am pretty sure that is because I do not associate with people who might be willing to shoot me or someone else.”
            And this is why victim-blaming is so prevalent. It gives the victim-blamer a false sense of security and control. If we can pretend that all victims of horrific crimes had it coming, then we can move on with our lives believing that if we follow the rules then nothing bad will happen to us. But life doesn’t work that way. You don’t know what happened in that situation. Why pass judgement at all? Don’t you think getting shot at is bad enough?

          • gotryit

            Do you think that people buying drugs deserve to get shot? I’d vote for addicition treatment; not the death penalty. Sure, it’s a risky thing for them to do – but I’d still blame the shooter.

          • “Why pass judgement at all? Don’t you think getting shot at is bad enough?” Sure it is bad enough, but understanding the circumstances surrounding a shooting is important. A criminal, like the one in this case, who is pistol whipping a random person who complied with the robbery is more of a risk to 99% of the people reading this blog than a gang member who shoots another gang member as part of a turf war. There is a difference between random acts of violence and targeted violence and I don’t understand why people on this site refuse to acknowledge that. Saying someone “had it coming” is different than saying that a person’s choices may have played a role. Why does it have to be an all-or-nothing approach? And what is so wrong with having a discussion about the circumstances that led to a violent crime?

          • gotryit – I never said anything about a person who does drugs deserving to be shot.

          • gotryit

            ” is it not okay to place some blame on your lifestyle choices?”
            I find it OK to discuss probability of getting shot based on lifestyle choices, but without blaming the victim.

          • I think your probability discussion is exactly what people on this site would consider “blaming the victim.”

          • gotryit

            Yes, some people confuse the two. Some people get the subtlety. I’ve seen both here.

    • Knowing the assailant is black is worthless, as a lone piece of information. There are almost 300,000 black people in this city. What do you want to do, issue a lookout for all of them? SMH.

      • Hey, stop stealing my ideas!

      • There are over 300,000 non-blacks in the city – over half… Yet when you check the police report 99.9% of the suspects are B/M under 40. Please let’s not pretend race isn’t a factor. It may not be the only factor (poverty, education level), but come on man SYH some more.

  • It doesn’t matter how well you know someone, these days things happen. You can know someone for years and they may end up pointing a gun at you one day and you never would have thought they would. Nobody in their right mind would walk up to a car knowing the person driving the car wants to shoot them.

    • Actually, this scenario never happens among us “gentrifiers”. And I think that’s the point of the previous posters. We have no reason to fear violence from our own social/socio-economic set (except domestic violence, an important exception and a topic for another day). But we do sometimes fear violence from people of other (lower) socio-economic sets. Which is the point above about the importance of context. Gang-on-gang violence doesn’t scare us much because we are 100 miles away from it (figuratively, not geographically), and the only risk to us is literally being caught in the crossfire, a very rare event. But we are attractive targets for nasty street violence like mugging, so it scares us. Pretty simple really, and rational.

  • Same thing happened to me in November, same way. Gun to the neck and held up from behind.

    Be careful out there, people. Sounds like the same guy.


  • OMG I was robbed at gunpoint with my friend on this exact corner last month. 🙁 so sorry this happened to someone else and feeling very lucky we were not hurt

    • Sparta

      Hold ups have been a regular phenom between 3rd-5th Sts. NW and T and U Sts. NW for the past 2 yrs at least.

      Would hope a more serious crime does not need to happen in those blocks before there is some serious police attention.

      • A few years ago, I came across a woman who had just been mugged on T between 6th & 5th. He had bopped her on the head, but no weapon that I know of. There was nobody around. Definitely not the area to be on your phone or listening to headphones.

  • same guy robs three people on the exact same corner in the exact same way. This can’t be that hard.

  • I live on this block and was home Saturday evening. Had no idea. Normally, the street seems safe. Thank you for sharing. Will be on alert.

  • Crazy .. we were inside my house at the moment 75 feet from that intersection and did not hear anything. I think there are cameras on the buildings near 5th and u as well.

  • Another robbery just a block or two away happened this afternoon:
    Robbery Gun_1630hrs_400-500blk Florida Ave NW_5 B/M’s, black ski masks, armed with a handgun.

  • We all need to be careful and watch our surroundings. Living right at the corner of 6th & U Streets, I can’t begin to mention the amount of people who walk the streets all hours of the night either talking on their cell phones or walking with their heads down reading or responding to text messages. I can’t count the number of women who walk alone and again, cell phones. Howard University students – same thing. Women swinging their pocketbooks behind them. Men & Women carrying laptop cases. Direct targets!!!! Some folks want to call themelves victims when the reality of the situation is they have set themselves up to be direct targets. In the past, I’ve stopped a few and mentioned that they need to be careful. Some were receptive; others gave me the mind your business look as I’m thinking to myself that you are a prime candidate. Yes, we should be able to walk the streets and feel safe but the reality of the situation is: those days are far behind us. Paying attention to cell phones has become more important than our safety. The guy here in this story was a victim; had just got out of a taxi – walking a few feet to a friend’s door. We all must remember as well that these criminals feel they have nothing to loose, if caught, they get a slap on the wrist and are released to do the same thing over again. Please pay more attention to your surroundings. Yes, those blocks are pretty well secluded and as residents of the neighborhood, once folks go in their houses, they are in. Being a light sleeper and being pretty nosey, if I hear noises at night, I’m looking out my window. Yes, I’ve seen suspicous activity and have called 911. Again, please pay attention and if your gut tells you to walk another way, then do so. I know we can’t prevent everything bad from happening, but just try to be careful and watch, watch, watch!!!

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