President Obama Visiting the Coupe in Columbia Heights

11th and Monroe St, NW

Word on the street is that the First Lady President Obama is visiting the Coupe in Columbia Heights! Thanks to all who sent emails and tweets.

@BrianKal writes:

“yep POTUS is there for lunch with young consumers in Healthcare. gov”

Thanks to a reader for sending these great photos:



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  • I wonder which nearby restaurant they had a busboy run to to pick up some edible food?

  • I guess POTUS didn’t read the Yelp reviews. Please, don’t judge us by the Coupe, Mr. President!

  • He chose…poorly.

  • Of all the places to go in DC.. Hell of all the places to go in Columbia Heights, he’s going to the Coupe???

  • Oh no! Now the Coupe’s waitstaff will be overwhelmed by the flood of customers. Oh, wait.

  • Good fit… both have lazy and slack staff.

  • Dang. That’s awesome!
    I still remember a couple of years ago when I saw Trent Lott in the Dupont Starbucks.

  • What a perfect place to talk about failure of implementation!

  • Well the service at the Coupe is still better than so it has that going for it.

  • Hopefully those guys his talking with have the know-how to fix that website that promises to dispense health care to everyone (even those who don’t feel like WORKING). What a disaster that’s been!

  • Pictures look like an accurate rep of the service there…..just waters after 2 hours and the food MAY come in another 2 hours…faces of WTF? why did I come here? What a shitshow of a place.

  • feel like people’s views of the coupe are outdated… agree that both service and food were pretty bad when it opened but both have improved dramatically

    • +1

      I’ve been back a few times recently and both their service and menu have improved.

    • agreed. i was there opening week (service was ok, not terrible) and have been back a couple times since and haven’t had any issues. It’s not my FAVORITE place (i am partial to the pint), but I still enjoy it and it’s the only place i know of that’s 24hrs.

    • Agree 100%. By the way, I love the ham and cheese waffle.

    • That’s not the case for me. I’ve gone back several times, most recently a few weeks ago, and it’s still awful. I actually just posted about this on one of the rant/rave threads. The waiter was more attentive, but they still got my order wrong. The yolk from my “poached” egg was literally smeared on the side of the serving bowl, and it tasted like glue. There was a small pool of grease at the bottom of the bowl. It was disgusting. I did like my drink though. I keep going back because I hoped it would get better and it would be great to have a solid diner in the hood. I suppose it’s just the universe trying to tell me that if I want some eggs, toast, and hashbrowns in a convenient location, I should just stay home and make it myself!

      • still, their hashbrown is wonderful.

        • Their regular shredded hashbrowns were fine, but that square potato puck that they replaced it with is not the answer. It’s always served kind of burnt and it tastes (and looks) like it was made int toaster. It’s completely baffling to me. Just shred some potatoes and fry them! How can you mess this up?

          • Couldn’t disagree with you more. That square hashbrown is one of the main reasons I regularly find myself at the Coupe for breakfast. (I also find the Coupe a good place to knock out a couple hours of work on a Saturday morning.)

          • i’m a fan of the potato puck.

        • I can see what you’re saying, and I’m not against a patty-style hashbrown in principle really, although I do prefer shredded. I just find that theirs are always kinda burnt. It tastes like a giant, overcooked, tater tot to me.

      • It’s still total hit or miss. Sometimes service and food are fine and other times they are not.

      • Wait is the Coupe what constitutes a diner to people not from New Jersey? 🙁

        • not really, it’s a bit it’s own thing. i’m from new jersey and i know good old diners. decent diner like places exist everywhere. here in the dc area places like florida avenue grill, jimmy t’s, bob and ediths, paul and murrys, even tastee diner fit the bill okay. theres even a diner up in rockville and one in mclean that are greek run to make you feel at home. the coupe is different. it’s a coffeeshop, its a diner, it’s a bar. it’s a place to bring your laptop. it’s not really that place for a pre work quick meal, or a post night out sobering up. its a bit more like a library with food and drinks, and without the books.

    • My first and only visit was recent. My wife and I stood around for about 5 minutes waiting to be seated and watched staff members walk past ignoring us. Then the server seemed ticked off the whole time.

    • Has not been the case for me, either. Love the space, don’t love the food, really hate the service. It took an hour to get drinks one quiet Saturday night because, according to our server, they only have one guy making the drinks for the entire restaurant. This was about a month ago.

  • “yep POTUS is there for lunch with young consumers in Healthcare. gov”

    How come they’re not wearing pajamas and drinking hot chocolate?

  • Apparently the President wanted to find the perfect venue to mirror’s rollout.

  • Wow, looks like the owner and employees of the Coupe found this thread lmao 😀

  • epric002

    don’t understand why the coupe gets so much hate. it’s not my most favoritest place ever, but i definitely enjoy it and other than 1 slow service experience last year, i’ve never had anything close to the nightmares that so many others allege. glad to see they got some positive attention today, especially given how much crap they’re getting on here.

  • Sad that the President gives Columbia Heights more attention than Jim Graham. Maybe Obama can swing by and do something about the “Future Home of the Beacon Funeral Home”
    Hey Jim, when you come back from your vacation in San Salvador (Bangkok of the South), can you give us some love?

  • austindc

    He probably got stuck at the Coupe because he had to swing by Target, and the only places for lunch on 11th St. are the Coupe and Red Rocks, and he didn’t want to get pizza sauce on his young consumers, so the Coupe wins out. As someone who works in Columbia Heights, I do wish more of the 11th Street restaurants were open for lunch (I’m looking at you Meridian Pint). I know it makes no business sense, since almost no one works in that area, but it doesn’t stop my heart from yearning.

  • Meridian Pint WAS open for weekday lunch a while back but it was short lived. As someone who often goes to Red Rocks for lunch on my days off, there’s rarely more than a few other folks there so I’m not surprised.

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