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New Delivery Options – Mama Chuy and Kushi

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2014 at 12:00 pm 9 Comments


Thanks to those who passed on emails about these two new delivery options.

“Mama Chuy DC authentic Mexican Restaurant located at 2620 Georgia Ave NW is now offering delivery. Starting tomorrow Fri. January 10, 2014 our delivery hours are 12noon-10:30pm Monday- Saturday, 1.5 mile radius, $20 min & $2.50 delivery fee. Call us @ 202-667-6262 (202-667-MAMA) visit us at mamachuydc.com for all of our menus.”


Kushi is located at 465 K Street, NW. You can see the menu and delivery radius below:


Kushi_delivery_menu cont.

  • Anonymous

    Made it in the Mama Chuy delivery range by .1 miles. Yes!!

  • Anonymous

    $20 minimum order? That’s a lot of tacos…

  • katemc

    If I lived in Kushi’s delivery zone, I’d just walk to Kushi. How disappointing – I was excited about quality sushi delivery for once.

  • YES! Mama Chuy is my favorite maternal-wookie-themed Mexican restaurant. And as a scruffy-looking nerf herder, I can totally eat through $20 worth of tacos.

  • Anonymous

    A perfect illustration of how food delivery options SUCK in this town. DC is not a large place, these places should be delivering to a much wider area. Capitol Hill in particular has the absolute worst options for restaurant delivery of any place in any major city in the country.

    • Anonymous

      I live in Capitol Hill, and I agree there aren’t a lot of options, but how often do you really need delivery if you live in a neighborhood with high walkability? There aren’t that many occasions where I want restaurant food but don’t feel like going out myself to get it. And when the occasion does come up Chinese or pizza are perfectly fine. Then again, I grew up in a place where delivery simply doesn’t exist, so the whole idea is still a little foreign to me.

    • Anonymous

      Considering it takes 15 minutes to drive 1 mile in this town, I understand the limited range.

  • Anonymous

    Kushi’s delivery map is hilarious. They will essentially walk you your food…

  • HungryHippo

    Someone please tell Kushi that people in fact do live north of NY Ave.


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