New York City to the Washington Post Building by Taxi?


Thanks to @danvilla for tweeting us:

“New NYC Taxi outside of WaPo this afternoon. Colored the way a taxi should be.”

Must’ve been a helluva a fare! I wonder how much they tipped?

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  • Sometimes the airlines send people by taxi (with a voucher) when no flights are available…I’ve never gone quite that far, but a cab driver once told me he’s been sent as far as Boston before.

  • That appears to be Nissan’s new taxi van, based on the NV200. If I had to bet, I’d say Nissan brought a model to town for the Washington Auto Show and was giving a demo to some Post staffers (it’s a press day for the show today).

    • It is, they brought four, and they were. Nissan is probably also showing the van to Ron Linton, since they need to sell these vans in other markets to recoup the investment, since there’s a lot of customization in the van to convert it to hack duty. A (rather hideous) variation is going to become London’s future black cab as well.

  • I had a cabbie who told me he drove to Seattle in a single night, so…

  • I’ve done Baltimore a few times, and I’ve had a couple of cabbies tell me about doing regular trips to Philly and NYC. In an emergency, and/or in the Amtrak gap, sometimes it’s the best option.

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