“DC Disloyalty Cards Reward City Coffee Lovers Who Seek Out Several Local Shops”


From a press release:

“Starting in the new year, DC Disloyalty cards will be available throughout the city for local coffee shop customers to pick up and use when they buy coffee. This is a free program to participate in, just pick up a card at a participating shop. [Peregrine Espresso, Filter, The Coffee Bar, Chinatown Coffee Company, La Mano, Blind Dog Cafe]

The premise is simple: instead of a loyalty card for one shop that offers a reward after several repeat visits, the disloyalty card rewards a local coffee lover who visits all six shops on the back of the card, collecting a stamp at each location. They can then return a completed card to a shop of their choice for a free coffee beverage.

Full instructions, explanation of the program and more on the Disloyalty philosophy can be found at the program’s website: dcdisloyal.tumblr.com ­ which is also listed on the back of the card, along with the tag #dcdisloyal, participants can use when they share their Disloyalty adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. 500 cards are available for pickup.

The program is a collaboration between two coffee professionals­ Dawn Shanks and Christy Pelton. Dawn organized the project and reached out to shops for participation, Christy ­also a local graphic designer­ designed the cards and set up the website. Baristas in DC already embrace the spirit of the program­ they often visit different shops than their own to stay curious and visit friends who work behind other counters. The card program strives not only to encourage people to drink coffee at locally ­owned shops, but also to get people to explore the city more through the neighborhoods each shop is in, making more of DC feel like home.”

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  • Not sure whose it is but there’s a typo in the headline.

  • Does that idiot Nick Cho still have anything to do with Chinatown coffee?

  • I like this idea. A lot.

  • I wish Bakehouse was a participating member! Though not technically a coffee shop, they make the best coffee I’ve ever had (particularly iced).

  • Love this idea, just wish Qualia was participating. Whatever.

    Throw in Vigilante, Baked & Wired, and The Wydown (when they reopen) and I’d really maximize my ‘disloyalty’ points.

  • Other than the Peregrine locations at Union Market and Eastern Market this is pretty NW centric. They should add Ebenezer’s by Union Station, Sidamo on H Street, and Port City Java (also Eastern Market) for those of use who support local coffee shops but live in NE/SE.

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