CRU Coming to Adams Morgan will be a “champagne bar and lounge” from owners of Napoleon Bistro

1841 Columbia Road, NW

Last week I mentioned that it looked like a new bar (possibly wine) called Cru was coming to the former Grogan’s and then Zuccabar downstairs space near Napoleon Bistro on Columbia Road. Turns out it will be a “champagne bar and lounge” from the Napoleon folks. They describe CRU Lounge:

“Celebrate the Parisian “underground” with our very own imperial champagne bar and lounge, conveniently located downstairs at Napoleon. The lounge features live DJs on weekends spinning global grooves, beautiful people sipping Dom, and cocktail maestros mixing our latest selection of champagne cocktails. Bottle service and table reservations are available for small parties seeking to indulge in true comfort and glamour.

Save your spot on one of our leather couches, custom designed for the true emperor at heart… Napoleon himself would’ve been proud! Call 202.299.9630 for reservations.”

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  • “Beautiful people sipping Dom” as a feature? So are they going to hire models to sit around and drink champagne?

  • Hmm-Napoleon already has an downstairs champagne lounge (though it never had a separate name/entrance), perhaps they are connecting the two spaces, providing a new entrance and its own name.

  • “Lounge” – I repeat myself, but what’s up with DC’s fascination with lounges, whatever they are?

    • Usually lounges have chic decor, good music, and plenty of comfy places to sit. What’s not to like? I wish we could get a lounge here in Capitol Hill. 🙁

    • Folks who patronize “lounges” are more likely to spend $ than folks who patronize mere “bars”.

    • Some highly oversimplified stereotypical generalizations coming here- DC metro has a fairly high proportion of women with high incomes; women might tend to like nicer, comfortable spots with places to sit and good music to dance to vs. men. DC metro also has a pretty high proportion of well-off African-Americans and Asian-Americans (in suburbs at least) who seem to like similar spots (regardless of gender). When I frequent the dives that I like to visit (Big Hunt, Dan’s, Stetson’s, etc.) I rarely see anyone who looks like me and my SO (Asian and black, respectively), but the few times I goto a place nearby like 18th Street Lounge or Chi Cha Lounge, the demographics are quite different.

  • Ugh, is all I can say. I wish something of substance would show up there. I still miss Toledo.

  • A normal wine bar would have been cool, but this just sounds tacky. Beautiful people sipping Dom? I literally cringed.

    Napoleon (upstairs) is a great, intimate space where one can get a selection of great champagne cocktails.

    Still, though, I think the entrance to the downstairs bar is better than an empty storefront.

  • Play the which phrase is more cringe-inducing game: ” spinning global grooves,” “beautiful people sipping Dom, ” or “cocktail maestros.”

    • spinning global grooves appeals to me. the other two will ensure i dont go.

      • Yeah, I’m all for some global grooves, and based on the wine bar speculation, I was hoping Cru would turn out to be a laid-back spot for wine and conversation, but….when your promo materials actually tout the you’ll have “beautiful people sipping Dom”? Barf. Unless that description is meant to be parody, in which case…bravo.

    • beautiful people sipping dom??? finally i have a place to go besides my living room!

  • I believe this is an expansion and re-branding of their existing downstairs space.

  • As if Parisians weren’t already thought of as vapid enough… the laughs just keep coming.

  • “celebrate the Parisian underground??? This is beyond tacky…have these people even been to paris,? No one drinks champagne except on special occasions, and if by “underground” they mean scenesters….even less so. They are more drawn to rotgut red wine and good Moroccan hash. At best, this will attract young NVA real estate brokers after a big sale. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose.

  • “Napoleon himself would’ve been proud!” … somehow I think not.

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