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  • Iron Horse is good, Rocket Bar is not. This looks more similar to Iron Horse thankfully.

  • This looks exactly like Rocket Bar and appears to be in a basement right near Rocket Bar. How many mediocre basement bars can these guys open?

    • As long as their “mediocre” basement bars are making money, which they obviously do. I only wish I had become an investor with them back in the early 90’s…

    • it actually looks nothing like either of those bars besides the fact it’s in a basement. it was a pleasant alternative to the other bars in the area with really friendly bartenders

    • This place is way better than anything else in the neighborhood. Really chill spot and very friendly bartenders.

  • isn’t this the “other part” of Rocket Bar where the shuffleboards tables were?

    • No, that’s the other direction. I was just there this weekend, and that’s a whole different space.

  • Been missing the “cheers Bro” from Brian Harrison at The Reef? Well a little bird told me Brian is back behind the bar at Jackpot.

  • Awesome beer list, great whiskey selection. .Kind of hard to find. Bartender Brian let me taste several beers before I found the perfect one. (Ommegang Three Philosophers) Nice to have a bartender who seems to love his job. This is exactly what China Town needs.. Definately going to make this my regular haunt.

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