That’s alotta Suits to Sell

1404 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Napoli is located at 1404 Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown.

Let’s see at 2 suits for $149 bucks, to raise $250,000 they have to sell 3,356 suits.


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  • Ugh, this place, and other suit stores on this block are so sketchy. They are always having a “going out of business” sale. I walk by here everyday and I have never seen anyone shopping in these places.

  • aren’t these covers? money laundering, etc…? that was the word back in the day

  • So one of their business deals went bad? Seriously, the only time I have ever seen anyone go into one of those stores was when I saw someone go into the back, exchange an envelope, and leave. Could’ve been anything, but maybe not?

    • Oh, OK. So you, witnessed someone go inside, exchange an envelope, and leave. How were you able to see all this without going in yourself? While many of these stores are likely fronts for other activities, your story is dubious.

  • lovefifteen

    Don’t support these sketchy businesses. They are always “going out of business” and putting signs about how “everything must go”. I would never give them my money. Way too shady!

  • As long as the suit fits nice, who cares? Even if it falls apart in a year its a good deal!

  • How dare anyone insinuate that a store associated with the city of Naples is involved in organized crime!

    For real though, Kiton > Brioni. Too bad this place has neither.

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