Man Shot Multiple Times around 11pm Last Night in Petworth


From MPD:

“On 12/9/13, at approximately 11pm, the complainant sustained several apparent gunshot wounds to the chest in the 700 block of Farragut St., NW. The complainant was transported to an area hospital and admitted in stable condition. There is no usable lookout or additional information at this time. The Fourth District Detectives are investigating this crime.”

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  • Has anyone seen a map of the amount of unsolved crime per district? Granted its anecdotal, but it seems we see much more cases “solved” in other parts of the District. I am mainly referring to shootings, assaults and break-ins. I am wondering if there is any data to support my observation and what (if anything!) the cops are doing to combat crime in the area.

    • Are you suggesting that wealthier districts may have more cops per criminal transgression than poorer districts?

      • I honestly don’t know why… There could be multiple reasons. It’s a simple observation. I am wondering if 1.) if my observations can be matched to any hard data and 2.) if true, why are the police in the Petworth district unable to close cases at rates similar to other areas. I think it’d be an interesting study.

        I live on the north end of Columbia Heights so visit both neighborhoods. I have never felt unsafe in CoHi or Petworth.

    • This has everything to do with people not being willing to cooperate with the police in some areas

  • This makes me glad my mom doesn’t read PoPville.

    • Amen to that. My poor (nursing)home-bound 90+ year-old grandfather is worried enough about me from all the “knockout game” stories that CNN and their ilk have been looping endlessly these past few weeks.

      • Tell me about it. From all the negative coverage this stuff has been getting on a national level, people are going to get the impression that nothing’s changed in DC crime-wise, since the 80’s.

  • Damnit. I live on this corner. Mine is the house with the dumpster out front.

  • jim_ed

    I wonder if the 9th and Farragut Crew is involved. They’ve always been nice to us when we walk by, but they ain’t out there selling cookies.

    • Care to elaborate?

      • Does he really need too? There are people hanging out at 9th and Farragut, regularly. They are not baking cookies. I thought it was quite clear..

        • Yeah, I think he does need to. Not everyone in Petworth hides out in their homes all the time. Hanging out outside shouldn’t be an indictment of wrongdoing. Having people on the streets tends to keep this sort of violence down, if anything. I’d like to hear why Jim_ed has such a suspicion of people who are nothing but nice to him.

          • uhhh, I think he’s saying they sell drugs. they are just nice to the neighbors, but are still selling drugs.

          • jim_ed

            If you want specifics: They’re not hanging out in front of their house, they legitimately occupy the corner of the intersection, where there’s conveniently masonry retaining walls for stashing things, which incidentally they scurry to do every time we walk by. I assume its not alcohol, because they leave that sitting out in the open. Also, there’s usually one dude hanging out 20-30 ft from the rest of the group. And talking to neighbors, there have been shooting issues at this corner in the past.

  • Is there anymore information on this? Random act of violence, someone mugged in the street and this was the after effect, the two knew each other, happened in the street, someone went into someone’s home, happened in doors, gang related, etc????

    • Prince Of Petworth

      These are seldom completely random. They also seldom happen indoors. When they are the result of a mugging that info is usually released by MPD.

      • I appreciate it, slightly helpful to know that its not random and not a break in related situation.

        • [I know this comment will provoke some negative reaction] If you look at the WaPo crime map, and filter by victim’s race, it gives you a very clear picture of who is at the other end of the gun. I looked a while back and there wasn’t a single white homicide victim in CoHi for the past 4 or 5 or 6 years. Violent crime (especially muggings) are a real concern, the true concern, but this type of violence is, as POP pointed out, not random…it is people who know each other, and are settling scores.

          • Drug dealers shooting drug dealers etc. The truly scary ones are the actual random ones, ala the Petworth Hammer guy.

          • there but for the grace of God, go I

          • One only need look at the faces on homicidewatchdc to know there is a certain “type” of person that seems to die at the end of a gun in DC. That area north of Sherman Circle still seems to have quite the crew of gun carrying individuals running the place.

          • Disagree with this. I live at this corner, and outside of a shooting at 7th and Emerson almost two years ago, this is the first shooting this close in a while.

            The cops seems to respond very well to the one at 7th and Emerson. I would say there were 10 cop cars within 2 minutes.

          • jim_ed

            Kyle-W is correct. North of Sherman Circle actually seems to be significantly quieter with crime than the areas immediately south of it. We’ve lived here two years, and I’ve heard gun shots twice, and both times it appeared to be coming from north of Kennedy. Compare that with the stories of people who live on or around Buchanan and Crittenden, and its a totally different story.

  • Just wanted to give props to the cops on this one. I heard the shots, called the cops, and in less than 5 minutes I heard sirens approaching the block. Was hoping someone had just fired in the air or some other ridiculousness. Grateful to know that the guy who was shot is in stable condition. Now let’s pray that the cops catch the hooligans who think it’s okay to shoot up my neighborhood.

    • “Grateful to know that the guy who was shot is in stable condition.”

      Even if he’s a thug drug dealer doing his best to keep transitional neighborhoods from transitioning away from violence and thuggery?

    • I guess… But props? Ok, great, you responded quickly. But what does that accomplish? The victims get help which is worthwhile, but what actual DETECTIVE work is occurring to prevent acts of violence occurring in the future. All the MPD in the area does is “respond”. When will they actually start catching the criminals? Crime is going unchecked. I’m surprised our elected officials do not do more. This will be my top issue when deciding who to vote for in the mayoral and council race in my district.

      • Keep in mind this area’s elected official is Muriel Bowser. I agree with you, and I feel she does little to nothing to stop the crime.

        • The fact we are just starting to get some nice businesses in (Golden Heart Yoga, DC Reynolds) and they keep getting robbed. Get some police officers out on foot, and get this crap stopped.

      • Personally I think you’re bringing a lot of presumptions to the table on this one based on other situations. I’m only talking about this situation and about what I know of this situation, which is very little. I know that someone got shot multiple times, and I don’t think that should happen. I don’t know if the person “deserved” it or was a “thug” as you say. So for now, based on what I know, the guy that got shot is the victim, period. As for the cops, the crime happened after 11pm last night. It is now the following afternoon. Maybe whatever “detective work” you want to occur is occurring as we speak? One can hope, and can give the situation a chance to unfold before judging.

        • If detective work is occurring, then we should see some arrests. I can’t say it isn’t, but rarely see results if it is. Why does Muriel Bowser refuse to be tough on crime? That could really hurt her mayoral efforts. Especially if her area is so bad!

          • No doubt she’ll call for another “study” to look into the issue and then never do anything about it. What was the last issue she actually took a position on?

        • Re. “presumptions”: As the Prince of Petworth put it: “These are seldom completely random. They also seldom happen indoors. When they are the result of a mugging that info is usually released by MPD.”
          Calling the guy a “thug” might be a bit strong — although we should note that Anonymous 2:06 pm was using the term in a hypothetical sense, asking if we should be glad the guy who was shot is in stable condition “[e]ven if he’s a thug drug dealer.”
          But it seems like willful naïveté not to consider the strong likelihood that this shooting was drug-related and/or involved people settling scores.

          • I did wonder if I was being naïve. But I also think, this type of idiotic crime happens for a lot of other reasons that drug dealing, though I do agree that it’s seldom random. Like maybe the guy was dating another guys girlfriend or something, you know, the things that used to warrant a school yard fight that now incite cowardly gunfire. Naive or not, I still say good that the cops responded quickly and saved this guy’s life. Now we at least have a darn reliable witness. I can’t see how an arrest won’t ultimately be made with the guy alive.

      • Not sure if you’ve ever done any kind of investigation, but usually when a young guy in the hood gets shot, he usually 1) claims that he heard gunshots, started running, and then noticed he was shot or 2) claims he was shot by an unknown assailant for unknown reasons. Most shooting victims that I’ve talked to professionally are never forthcoming about why they were shot or who they pissed off enough to shoot them. When you have an uncooperative complainant who can’t or won’t ID someone or provide any truthful information, there’s not much you can do to solve it, and even if you did the U.S. Attorney isn’t likely to drag a complainant kicking and screaming into a grand jury to testify about it. So while you think we have the magic ability to conjure up evidence and willing victims, we don’t so a large number of these kind of crimes never get solved.

        • Well if that’s the reality, and the situation is such that the investigators can do nothing but throw up their hands, then what the heck do we expect Muriel Bowser to be able to do about it? I’m done, will follow this story and hope for a more positive outcome than the one you all expect.

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