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  • This wil be great. And with the traffic that Red Derby gets, they won’t even have to advertise – if they are a decent bar. I bet they get a lot of overflow. And if I remember correctly, no food right? That is a bummer.

    Red Derby is a crowd please that draws plenty of people to the area. Let’s hope Lyman’s is the first of many places to open up on this stretch. If there were any DECENT food options here, they would do a killing!

  • “Fixing to” – thanks for starting my morning off with a taste of home! 🙂

  • “Fixing”…love it. Being a Georgia boy, I just need to add one little correction. It you’re going for authenticity, it would be “fixin to”. Adding a “g” just seems to proper. 🙂

  • What is their target opening date? Soon I hope!

  • Cannot wait for this place! Wish we could get more details on what they’ll serve!

  • I’ll miss the awesome mural on the side of the building, but I cannot wait for this place to open! Best of luck to the Lymans on their build-out.

  • This will be great! I love to have a drink on an outdoor patio. This should be fun, when is it supposed to open up?

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