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  • Praise the good Lord- Hallelujah!

  • And still, we have none in Petworth… *sniff*

  • Dunkin use to be better…i think their coffee quality has gone down, i was disappointing every time i got iced coffee during the summer. There food is actually terrible too.

    • And I’ve been to some downright filthy Dunkin’ Donuts locations in recent years. The quality has gone down across the board. But if you can find a good one, they have decent coffee, good doughnuts, and pretty good breakfast sandwiches.

    • Yeah, I would agree that the Dunkin Donuts franchise process must not be as selective as it should. I used to be a huge fan, but the quality control has definitely diluted once they started exploding all over the country. The locations in New England are all usually pretty good, but the ones I’ve tried at new(er) locations are totally hit/miss. Sad because I don’t usually get the same problems with Starbucks, maybe they use a more discerning process to start new stores (does Starbucks even franchise?).

  • Any freebie/giveaways for the opening?!?! I just happen to have to be in the area on Friday and that would be awesome. Haven’t had their coffee in years let alone a donut/munchkin (:

  • I don’t care about Dunkin Donuts but I love that the pic shows a Noodles & Company that I never even knew existed — right next door. Tomorrow. Lunch. It’s a plan!

  • More chains are just what this town needs. Who needs character anyway?

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