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  • They look like they are similar to the newer VA DLs

    • That’s because all US driver’s licenses have to follow the same basic template, according to some new federal guidelines. I’m sure it has something to do with turrurists.

  • Fugly as sin.

  • this looks like a joke. it’s hideous!

  • What’s with the demon in the bottom right corner?

  • Certainly doesn’t inspire me to ditch my California DL anytime soon…

    • If you live in the city for 30 days or more and operate a vehicle in public space, DC law requires you to obtain a DC Driver license, unless you are eligible for reciprocity (students, active military, part-time residents, members of Congress, government appointees).

      Inspiration doesn’t factor into it, you’re either a resident or you’re not.

      • Yes, I’m aware of that. I don’t own nor operate a vehicle in public space.

        So yes, inspiration does factor into it. Thanks for your concern though.

        • Yeah, coming off years of living in New York, license changes just aren’t that relevant or pressing for the car-free. I knew tons of people who kept their home-state licenses, and they never had a problem. It seems this is changing (especially in red states), but even with voting, over the course of about 10 years I was never once asked to show ID at the polls there. My main inspiration for changing to a DC license was that I was about to come up in the jury pool again, and I didn’t want to deal with a summons floating around that the courts thought I was ignoring. (Which would have happened, because I am a total magnet for jury duty. I switched my teenaged-obtained MD license to get the Maryland courts off my back when I finished college in New York, got called within the year, then switched to DC when I moved here and sure enough got called for jury duty within 6 months of getting my DC license.)

        • You’ll probably have to give up your inspiring California ID once it expires, if you haven’t scurried back there by then.

          • Sheesh, who knew some people get that peeved about a random non-driving, non-vehicle owning stranger not bothering to change their drivers’ license?

      • there’s also probably some benefit to carrying an ID with your current address on it, in case something happens to you.

  • the granite is nice but i prefer something a little lighter

  • McLovin approves and is waiting for his license.

  • I’ll never understand why people get so upset about the way licenses look..How often do you ever even look at it! Who cares!

    • Thank you. I’m glad there there are sane people out there.

    • I don’t know, I seem to look at it quite a lot. Need to pull i tout to get into secure buildings, airports, bars, buy booze, buy Sudafed…

      • My thoughts exactly.

      • Airports and secure buildings, yes…but I’ve realized over the past few months that I’ve entered that mid/late-30s slide where the number of people who see your license starts to dwindle. More often than not these days, I get the “nah, you’re good…” from supermarket cashiers or bouncers when they see me start to pull out my license (often after I’ve witnessed them carding every person ahead of me). Although Kroger once carded my grandma buying wine when she was 82, so you never know! ;p

  • I’m so glad my license doesn’t expire for eight more years so I can keep the nice one! I see what they were going for on this thing, but they did not hit the mark.

  • well my current DCDL doesn’t expire until 2019 – thank you DC DMV!

    I also have the old passport (got it at the end of 2006 right before they transitioned to the electronic passport). the old one just “feels” right.

    i hate change.

    • I also have an old passport that I love, but it expires this month πŸ™

      There’s something about knowing that the new one has a tracking chip that weirds me out…although it’s not like the old one prevents or inhibits me from being tracked anyway.

      • E-passports are way more secure than the old ones. And no, the chip does not “track” you. It is read-only.

      • State will send you your old one back. They punch a hole through it to show that it’s expired, but you can still keep it. I think you have to check a box for it.

    • Dammit mine expires next year! Guess I’ll be stuck with this thing…

  • Hazel eyes, 99 pounds, and 5-1? Will you go out with me? πŸ™‚

  • Looks like someone bled or vomited the right half.

    I’m guess its a failed attempt at cherry blossoms.

    • OH….is that what that’s supposed to be? I definitely thought it was just a weird amorphous blob at first glance.

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