H Street Playhouse Space to Become a Crossfit DC in Spring of 2014

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2013 at 11:30 am 92 Comments

1365 H Street, NE

From an email:

“It’s fitting, we think, that the newest addition to H Street comes from the oldest CrossFit affiliate in the DC Metro area: CrossFit DC. It’s with great pride that we announce the opening of our second CrossFit affiliate inside the historic 4500 square-foot space at 1365 H Street NE, formerly occupied by H Street Playhouse.

CrossFit DC was the first CrossFit affiliate to open in the DC-Metro area back in 2005 – one of the first 50 in the world, actually. But beyond our history, what really sets us apart is how we apply our knowledge and experience. We emphasize coaching and community above all else. Everyone who comes through our doors is treated as an equal, regardless of background or ability, and workouts are designed to be accessible to members from all walks of life. What we’ll bring to H Street is far more than just a gym; ours is a professional strength and conditioning training center with an emphasis on fun, challenging workouts and community through fitness.

We anticipate opening our doors in early Spring of 2014, and look forward to becoming a great neighbor and a vital part of the H Street community – whether by sponsoring charity events, partnering with local businesses, or simply maintaining a high-quality facility that channels the vibe of the neighborhood.”

  • I thought this was supposed to become a Yes! Organic Market?

    • dcreal

      Thik it had something to do with the build out of the space passing some historical preservation of the as to why YES! deal didn’t go through.

      • Yeah, I recall Yes! wanting to build an upstairs patio, and the HPO saying they could only do it if they didn’t serve food or alcohol up there, and that it couldn’t be visible from the street…all of which made it basically impossible / pointless to do it. But I didn’t realize they were cancelling their plans as a result. Oh well.

    • Anonymous

      NO! Organic Market!

      • Anonymous

        If the neighborhood had access to healthy food they wouldn’t need a crossfit place!

  • anonn

    eh, not excited.

    • That Man A


      huge loss for the neighborhood imo

  • eric

    really? a crossfit? Isn’t there like one on every block? Crossfit is the final sign of bropocalypse that’s taking over DC.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, they will be gone in 5 years once many of their proponents blow out their aging knees and backs. It’s not something that you can continue doing into the later stages of life.
      Another example of American exercise fads (remember Jazzercize? Aerobics? Tai-Bo? The Thigh Master?)

      • anon

        I’m not a fan of some segments of Crossfit culture (ie Crossfit games), but they promote the right kind of strength training and it can be performed at varying degrees of difficulty among a wide range of users’ ability. If only they’d encourage propper dead-hang pullups instead of cheater kipping.

        • Anonymous

          Actually they teach both.

          • anon

            yeah — but they’re REALLY into kipping

      • Caroline

        Jazzercise is making a comeback, actually. I do it a few times a week and it’s the most effective workout I’ve ever tried (also the most enjoyable).

        • MPinDC

          I took a few Jazzercise classes at All Souls via a groupon. Some things have changed (my leotard and leggings are long gone – thank goodness), but the class was remarkably similar to ones I took 20 some years ago.

          • Caroline

            Yeah, I was too young to be doing it when it was popular in the 80’s but I can see how there’s not much reason to change the format. Based on the different people in my class (I’m among the youngest at 31) it’s something you can do at any age and with any body type.

  • 6th Street NE

    this will be a huge asset to the neighborhood. I hope that they do well.


    A historic space used for CrossFit? Aren’t most in retrofitted warehouses, old auto garages etc. something more rudimentary? I do not think a gym is the highest and best use for this storefront.

    • This place has been a theatre, a furniture store, a roller rink, a printing company, and a restaurant…so why not a gym?

      • Anonymous

        It actually started out as a garage and automobile showroom.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. It’s really a shame in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      what do you think is the highest and best use?

      • A dispensary?

        • Anonymous

          Let’s hash it out.

      • Wishful Thinking

        A place like The Planet on the L Word — cool coffee shop/restaurant by day, lesbian lounge club at night.

  • Anonymous

    Im just bummed that we don’t have a crossfit close to Petworth Metro.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not.

  • H St Resident

    A 2nd crossfit on H St NE? Wow!

    • Anonymous

      What’s the first? I wasn’t aware there was one already.

      • Porky

        The first one is in NW DC on 14th St. They are doing well in fitting with the community and have partnered up with other local business for events.

      • Another H ST Resident

        On 8th and H. so just a few blocks down. That’s the one I go to.

        • Anonymous

          Weird, I catch the bus at 8th and H all the time and never noticed.

          • I remember reading about that location opening up but I always see the steel door rolled down on the storefront.

  • bloomingdale res

    Please bring a cross fit to Bloomingdale! We are desperate for a gym in the area

    • Anon

      Primal Fitness at M St & NY Ave offers CrossFit. I had a friend take classes and loved it… until she injured herself and never went back to CrossFit. Reality check…

      • Anonymous

        My friend got injured while walking once and never went back. Reality check…

        • Porky


    • bb

      No, Bloomingdale needs a real gym. Something basic will do.

  • Awesome


  • Anonymous

    I guess it’s time for me to finally figure out what the heck Crossfit is.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a Christian-themed workout regimen.

      • Lamonting

        Thanks for the chuckle!

  • Another H ST Resident

    I was excited when I read GYM. Having two crossfit locations within a few blocks is a bummer. Old City Crossfit is on 8th and H.

  • Gross. This is disappointing. When are we going to get a regular gym? If I wanted to destroy my knees while I’m still in my 20’s I’d hit them with a baseball bat and save myself the money.

    • Anonymous

      I’m in my 30s and my knees are doing just fine. You should do something effective that you’ll enjoy. But keep your useless comments to yourself.

      • You’re lucky. I’ll comment all I want, thanks. I have time to burn at work, too!

      • Anonymous

        How can he/she do something effective that they enjoy if we keep getting crossfit gyms instead of regular ones?

        • lol

        • Anonymous

          There’s plenty of regular gyms.

          • Anonymous

            Not on or anywhere near H Street!

          • Anonymous

            I walk 30 minutes to my crossfit gym…

          • Greg

            @Anonymous 2:21 pm:

            why not RUN 10 minutes to your crossfit gym instead?

    • caballero

      I’m in my 40s, a CrossFitter, and all my parts are working. In fact, they are working as well as they did in my early 20s, thanks in large part to CrossFit. There is a 55 year-old guy in my gym who beats me every session. Do the movements right, and you’ll be fine.

      • RegO

        @caballero you are spot on. It’s all about doing movements correctly and not getting caught up on how much weight you can do or letting our egos get in the way. I go to a “regular” gym, practice yoga, and play other sports. I learn from yoga its about working on form and not to compromise form to get further in a pose, because the compromise can or will lead to injury. I believe the same applies to crossfit.

  • Porky

    To those who are knocking CrossFit, have you tried it personally? Have you tried it from different CrossFit gyms? You can’t say pizza is gross or delicious until you’ve tried it and until you’ve tried it from one restaurant, the same goes for CrossFit and everything else. I’m sure we all know people who have been injured while playing some kind of sport or just exercising in the gym. Of course there’s a risk when you lift weights like you would often in CrossFit, but if you apply proper form as you should in all forms of exercise, you can prevent injury.

    • The health concerns surrounding CrossFit have been well-documented. My issue is more with the type of people who do CrossFit. And don’t act like there isn’t a type, because everyone else knows what I’m talking about.

      • Anonymous

        No please explain.

        • The whole cult of extremism thing…creepy

          • Anonymous

            Sound argument.

          • Another Anon

            To be fair, a lot of fitness places have that quality. The spinning place I used to go to always sells out quickly for their monthly spin party (a normal spin class except it’s $45 and has a DJ) because they’ve created a “be one of us!” mentality.

          • I also find SoulCycle kinda creepy, because they talk about the classes in the same cultish, no-acknowledgement-of-any-faults-you-must-join-us way. But Crossfitters are worse.

          • Anonymous

            Cochrynn, what gym chain do you go to on a regular basis?

          • None, because there are none near my house that I woudn’t have to drive to. I work out at home, with workout videos and jogging/ running sometimes. I would like a normal gym to go to, though.

          • Anonymous

            I walk 30 minutes to my gym and just treat it as part of my warmup and cool down. Is that an option since you jog too?

          • The issue is time. I really have to maximize my workouts because I can’t devote more than 40 minutes a couple times a week to them (really it ends up taking closer to 1.5 hours each time if you count showering, hair drying, etc.) I need a gym I can pop into quickly, hit the elliptical for 35 mins, and head home so I can get dinner on the table. I know not wanting to run/walk a long way to the gym is kind of ironic, but I don’t think I’m unusual.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure, and the longer it takes to get to the gym the less likely you are to go.

      • KC

        Sure, there’s a stereotypical type (bros, anyone?), but those aren’t the only people who do CrossFit. For example: http://www.chasingelitefitness.com/2012/11/the-83-year-old-deadlifting-granny.html — it’s scalable, too. I CrossFit and can’t do any type of pull-up (kipping or dead-hang), so I do then with a resistance band or do ring rows. I do push-ups from my knees. I often finish last in a workout, but the only thing that matters is that I gave it my all. Haters gonna hate, so if it’s not your thing, that’s cool — but it challenges me and makes me excited to work out, and I love the community around it, so I’m sticking with it.

        • Anonymous

          Awesome link KC. Thanks.

          I’ve worked my way up to 3 pull-ups so far. Keep it up!

    • jerseygirl

      I used to go the X-fitDC’s original location (on NY ave) and quit after 2 months because I was not impressed and thought they emphasized volume over safety for some of the exercises. They kept pushing me to do kipping pullups because “when you’re in a x-fit competition, you won’t be able to do as many regular pullups” even though I just wanted to get stronger and condition for the other activities that I like and had ZERO interest in ever entering a xfit competition. I don’t know that much about olympic lifting or many of the other weight training exercises, but the philosophy of volume over everything else seemed to permeate. Just my $0.02 about that particular affiliate. other xfit boxes may differ.

      • Anonymous

        NY ave? I used to train with these guys and as far as I know I think they’ve only been open near 14th & S NW. And they ran a program at Balance Kalorama before that. I thought that their programming was pretty well balanced.

      • You are thinking of another affiliate – CrossfitDC has never been on NY ave – and they haven’t been around for 8+ years because they treat their members poorly. They have an excellent set of coaches that stress proper form and safe movements over volume. They never push people to do kipping pullups – and only let members perform kipping pullups once they’re certain that they can do strict ones (and after they’ve been instructed in the kipping movement). I’ve been to lots of crossfit gyms and this one has the fewest ‘bros’ of any I’ve been to – the members are very friendly and community oriented. Regarding injuries, knees, etc – every sport has injuries and every person who’s ego dominates their common sense will at some point injure themselves. In fact, I have ‘bad knees’ and have never suffered knee problems since starting crossfit.

      • caballero

        Yeah, that was bad advice. I told my coaches that I didn’t want to learn to kip until I could do at least five strict deadhang pull ups, and they thought that was great.

    • nope

      I tried it, got injured, and cut my losses. My foundations class was only one day which clearly wasn’t enough time to learn proper form though we were told numerous times that injuries were our fault and not poor instruction. The classes had at least 25 people each and didn’t justify the rationale of high pricing=small group training.

      • Tom Brose

        Again, that is not CrossFit DC- we require beginners complete a 6 session Elements program, and always offer scaling options- in movement complexity, volume and intensity.

  • Anonymous

    I would have much preferred the Yes! Organic Market or even just a regular gym. Not sure how this will do when we already have a similar gym on H.

  • Tom Brose

    Jerseygirl, the location on NY Ave was NOT CrossFit DC. In fact we have many members who have no interest in competition, and we stress safety and progression first and foremost.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s fitting, we think, that the newest addition to H Street comes from the oldest CrossFit affiliate in the DC Metro area: CrossFit DC.” … until 30 seconds later when the next newest addition to H Street pops up.

    • I really didn’t understand what was “fitting” about it, from that statement. But most announcements are full of self-promotional nonsense, so I just ignored it.

      • Anonymous

        No, me either. They could recycle that statement for every new location they open.

        • Florista

          It’s fitting then, that they get a couple Comfort One Shoes on H Street right away!!

      • pun-isher

        I thought it was a bad pun. Fitting…CrossFit…*cymbal crash*

  • SF

    Not an ideal use of this space, IMO. As others have noted there’s already a crossfit only a few blocks away. Why is it so hard to get a normal gym? People have been clamoring for one on H Street for years now.

    As for fitness in general: I don’t get it. If you’re serious, get P90X and actually do it. You’ll get better results in the time it takes you to get to the gym, change, and get back home again.

    • That’s a video series right? I do work out videos at home but I would MUCH rather go to a nearby gym. My small rowhouse is not ideal for working out. Having to totally rearrange my living room every time I work out, and putting up with the various floor coverings in a small space, creating imbalance and tripping hazards, cancels out the time it would take to go to the gym. Not to mention I have to time it around the people I live with being home, so my brother-in-law isn’t awkwardly watching me do mountain climbers, lol. It’s such a pain.

      • Yes, it’s a video series. It requires a decent amount of space, and equipment, in order to do it effectively.

  • pun-isher

    I wanted a Yes! Organic Market

    Instead I got a No! Not Another CrossFit Place.

  • Lindsay

    What a bummer– another Crossfit gym on H St. I would like to “like/enjoy” Crossfit but I already shell out $100 a month for Results gym on the Hill. Whyyyy does it have to be so expensive?

  • Anon

    I used to go to H Street Playhouse back when Theater Alliance was in residency there and there was nothing else on the block and I find this sad…

  • John M

    This place will be gone with the wind once crossfitters start dropping like flies due to Rhabdomyolysis and other related injuries. Crossfit is just another exercise fad that will fade into obscurity.

    How about a REAL gym? You know, like the ones with weights, treadmills, and actual useful equipment? The only ones in DC right now are outrageously expensive. RESULTSVIDA

    Don’t believe me on crossfit’s dangers? Well, read up! https://medium.com/health-fitness-1/97bcce70356d

  • Lame. Need regular gym. Preferably one that regular people can afford…

    • K St NE

      Come on you folks on K ST with your huge front lawns can surely afford a Xfit membership :)

    • none

      I agree! We need a regular and affordable gym in the area.

  • none

    H St NE needs a real gym. Can someone please invest in a Planet Fitness or Golds Gym?????? It would be a great service to the community.

    • Anonymous

      I made the mistake of reading a discussion on the MyFitnessPal forums: “How much is your gym membership?” It’s amazing how little people in the rest of the country/world pay compared to DC residents.


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