Shooting on the 300 block of Delafield Pl, NW just before 7pm


From @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting-1854hours-300 Delafield Pl NW-S-1, dark comp, wearing all black clothing”

More info when it becomes available.

Update from MPD:

“At 6:45 pm today in an alley in the 300 block of Delafield Pl NW, a complainant reports he was approached by an individual who attempted to rob him following a brief conversation. The suspect produced a gun and shot the complainant then fled the scene in an unknown direction. The complainant sustained an apparent gunshot wound which is non-life threatening and was transported to a local area hospital for treatment.

The only look out we have at this time is for a black male, dark complexioned, with nothing further.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call 202-727-9099”

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  • I live near this but didn’t hear a thing surprisingly. Sad news though. Delafield crossing 5th and 4th is full of families and an unbelievable number of little kids… a fantastic neighborhood feel where everyone knows everyone. This shooting was also not too far from Barnard Elementary. I hope no one was hurt, and good luck to the cops on closing this out, it’s always a little sketchy down by 3rd.

  • Can’t wait to see this crime go unsolved. How many incidents have there been in the area lately? Do any of them ever get solved? What are the cops and our elected officials doing to combat this problem? My Lord.

  • I’ve lived in this area for 7 years. When I first moved in, an elderly neighbor warned me not to go out at night! It’s frustrating that in this time (and Lord only knows how much longer ) these same incidents occur.

  • Thank God we live in a city where innocent people can’t shoot back. Makes perfect sense. Maybe the victims here should have been “more aware” of the their surroundings.

  • i live a half a block away and i heard nothing. scary that this is going on so close to my place. hope they catch the person though unlikely.

  • Without a height, weight or clothing description, that look out is as useless as saying “the suspect was wearing shoes”.

  • I think it’s pretty clear that this mayor is never going to be a tough on crime mayor. We just have to wait for his term to come to an end and hope for better canidates going forward.

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