Newtown Kitchen, Bar & Lounge to Open in the former Tabaq space on U Street in mid-December

1336 U Street, NW

In August Tabaq closed at 1336 U Street, NW. Yesterday I noticed a new twitter follower called Newtown Kitchen which says it is a, “Modern American Kitchen, Bar & Lounge 1336 U Street NW” Newtown’s website says they are launching in 10 days, the website was a bit premature, plans are now to open in mid-December.

Here are details from the owner:

“NEWTOWN : a planned urban center created in an undeveloped area designed to serve a mix of residential & commercial needs.


At Newtown we strive to provide our guest with a Unique dining experience that embraces the history of the great historic U Street neighborhood. Our seasonal menu showcases market dishes by Chef / Owner Howsoon H.O. Cham crafted from ingredients supplied by local farmers, fishermen & meat ranchers from Frederick Maryland to West Virginia. Master Mixologist Seembad Jaudally of Ciroc Nation created one of U Street’s most distinctive and fresh bar program to compliment the restaurant’s modern concept. From the white room’s private dining room, the all year round retractable rooftop to the Unique red room with wall mounted fireplace, each of the drinks truly reflect the tastes of an era that has evoked change. Tabaq Bistro, Opened in the trendy U Street Corridor since April of 2005, features one of the most unique retractable roof tops on the east coast. The Fully retractable rooftop with great view of the Washington capital along with its 2 private dining rooms has allowed diners to relax and indulge in the cuisine of the Mediterranean as well as the Modern American Cuisine respectively.

More details including menus after the jump.

Tabaq has since changed hands and is now owned and operated by Executive Chef Howsoon Cham formerly of Georgia Brown’s, Red Ginger, Cafe Trope and Vidalia in Washington DC. Chef Howsoon plans to change the concept as well as the décor from a Mediterranean concept to a Modern American Cuisine with a modern style dining space to accommodate and host special events, bar mitzvahs, receptions, political fundraisings, receptions as well as wedding rehearsals something that was lacking in this venue as well as in the neighborhood. In addition, in order to cater to the needs of our guests, since there are only two bars and two bathrooms currently on five floors, we plan on adding two additional bars as well as two bathrooms to make the venue more accessible to our guests. Also since the venue is located in very highly popular nightlife environment DJ booths will be built on 2 floors to cater to the needs of guest at any given time in the event they want to take over a floor for their own private event or party.”


Newtown KITCHEN & LOUNGE dinner menu

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  • “one of the most unique retractable roof tops on the east coast”

    I dunno. I saw a more uniquer retractable roof at Spike’s rooftop P. Funk lolipop boutique, “Tear the Roof Off This Sucker.” Now, I wouldn’t say it was the MOST unique retractable roof, but it was definitely the uniquerest for a second-tier neighborhood like SoCoHe.

  • justinbc

    I was going to say that whatever this is going to be has to be better than what Tabaq was, then I read “Master Mixologist Seembad Jaudally of Ciroc Nation” and realized I will never be setting foot in this place.

  • He said “One of the most”. Doesn’t mean there won’t be more unique ones.

  • MPDC should probably just park a cruiser in front of this place now.

  • A good bar mitzvah space is definitely what we were missing on U Street. Thank god.

  • whats wrong with some of these people its like all they want is to sit back and knock down any business they can without even giving it a chance. c’mon fix your miserable life and stfu.

  • Gosh people heaven forbid a business owner write a description of their business that tries to make it sound a little special, maybe attract some customers… b/c you know, that’s never been done before. Obviously they’re pumping themselves up a little bit but it sounds like they’ve made some good changes (like the additional restroom). Maybe we can give them a chance? sheesh!

    • dont take it too seriously.

    • I got no problem with a place trying to sell itself as something special. My problem is when they sell themselves as a “Unique dining experience” with “one of the most unique retractable roof tops” that sounds like every other restaurant promo piece in the history of ever. “Unique” means “one of a kind” so you can’t really have something more or less unique than anthing else, particularly when it’s just another high-end eatery/bar like all the other high-end eateries/bars. They want to be unique? Instead of small plates, serve giant plates. Something the size of a medicine ball. And serve it in a place with zero “buzz.” Like a library. That’s unique: a quiet place to have dinner where you don’t leave hungry.

    • Not saying I won’t give it a chance, but I do find the description to be a little exhausting, and I don’t really understand the “Newtown” reference/connection.

  • How many times can you use the word ‘unique’ in one description?

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