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  • Good stuff. Aggregate data on DC real estate can be a bit dicey, though, as many neighborhoods have huge variations in price between older housing stock and new/remodeled places. I wish there was a way to account for “newness factor” in data like this.

  • SUPER COOL! Well designed, intuitive, and easy to use – CONGRATS! 😀

    • Only comment I have is that I wish we could filter for SFH and apartments. Maybe try to incorporate that in Version 2.0 🙂

      • Yeah, it’s hard to get a sense for what the average rowhouse is selling for when you have condos bringing the average down. It also makes Columbia Heights look super-cheap, probably because it’s mostly condos there.

        • Good point. I was trying to figure out why prices in Columbia Heights were less than Petworth. No offense to Petworth, but CH has always had the pricier real estate as long as I’ve been paying attention. It must be the large volume of condos in CH.

  • Cool, though when I drill down inn Brookland it has properties in NW and other locations. I can understand some overflow of Michigan Park, Woodridge, or Edgewood, but neighborhoods in NW?

  • I’m surprised there’s such a variance between average and median sales prices. Are there a lot of multimillion dollar homes skewing the average?

  • I’m curious as to why Trinidad and Carver/Langston are unrepresented on the neighborhoods list. Seems like a big oversight, seeing as how hot the real estate market is in those places. Also, where is Woodridge?

    • poprealestate

      Right now, we don’t have those neighborhoods in our system.

      I’m in the process right now of updating our neighborhoods, so you should see these and more soon.

      – Adam

  • What about Crestwood? Approximately 700 homes in 20011, west of 16th Street, bounded by RCP to the West, Carter Barron to the North and Shepard Street NW to the South.

  • This is interesting. But the data is to clumped together. Yes, row homes cost more in total dolars than condos, for the most part, which skews the median sold price downwards in places where more condos are being sold than homes (CoHi, Logan). However, condos usually run much higher in $/sq. ft, which might skew that data upwards in realtion to homes being sold. This data really needs to distinguish between Homes and Condos to be more relevant.

    • poprealestate

      We’re always in the process of refining our neighborhoods and cleaning up data from the various sources.
      We have property types on the list of stats to add, so stay tuned.

      – Adam

  • poprealestate

    I pulled an allnighter and managed to completely rebuild the neighborhoods.

    Here’s a link to the map: http://goo.gl/mbxuRz

    All the neighborhoods are live and full of juicy stats.

    – Adam

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