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  • It’s been closed/shut down for quite some time now. (I don’t know a single person who bothered to frequent it when it was open.) My guess is that the bev equipment company wants to make sure that they get their equipment back and can’t reach the owners of Secret Lounge…

  • I was sad when Vegetate left. They cited their reason for leaving as a crippling raise in rent. I hope the greedy building owner is enjoying his NO rent money these days.

  • The cursed location strikes again…

  • Always figured this was all just shenanigans by the owners to keep the bev license alive. And that once there are 500 new folks living across the street above O St. Market, there would be an earnest effort at a restaurant there.

    • That block will again be across the street from the Giant loading area, though this time as entrance to the dock which is in the garage. There will not be retail on that side, nor any entrances to any of the above-ground residential spaces. Last I saw too they had not even started construction on anything above the one story which is there now except for the hotel whose entrance is cattycorner to 9th and O. That 1400 block of 9th is going to be a long time coming, though it’s better than the 1400 block of 7th which will only have the Giant and the Community Center. Activity shifts back over to 7th from 9th at the 1500 block for the northerly flow.

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