Improvements Coming to Metro – New Lighting and Replacing Carpets with “slip-resistant resilient flooring”

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“Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles today announced that the Authority plans to install new, brighter mezzanine lighting at all underground stations following the successful completion of lighting upgrades at Judiciary Square, Gallery Place, Bethesda, Metro Center and Smithsonian stations.

The new lighting structures are significantly brighter and more energy efficient than the older “coffee can” lighting they are replacing. They provide a higher quality of light with an improved Color Rendering Index (CRI) that improves both lighting levels and overall visibility.

In addition to the five already-completed stations, one station – L’Enfant Plaza – is currently under construction, and the remaining 41 underground stations will be completed by 2015.”


“Metro is moving forward with the replacement of carpet in its existing fleet of railcars with new slip-resistant resilient flooring.

The move is in response to customer feedback during the design of Metro’s new 7000-series cars, which will soon begin rolling off an assembly line in Lincoln, Nebraska. Riders told Metro that they strongly preferred flooring to carpet for cleanliness reasons.

Resilient flooring does not absorb dirt and spills as carpet does, and will be much easier for Metro maintenance personnel to keep clean. In addition, flooring is more durable and has a longer lifespan before needing replacement.

As an added benefit, the flooring reflects some interior and exterior light, creating a brighter, more open feel inside the car.

Already, Metro has installed the new flooring on more than a dozen cars. Over the next two years, Metro expects to have flooring installed on all 5000- and 6000-series cars.”

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  • Just. Make. The. Trains. Run. Properly.

  • justinbc

    New flooring is a definite bonus, although I’m surprised changing out lighting would be one of their top priorities.

    • Well, when “everything” is at the top of the list of things to be fixed there will be many opinions about what to start on next.

  • Happy to hear about the flooring replacement. There are few smells worse than a railcar’s carpet after it’s been soaked on a rainy day.

  • Glad this work is finally being done, though I have to admit that it’s super hard to not say something about how this should’ve been done 20 years ago and how their “completed by 2015” is fairly vague– do they mean by Jan 1, 2015 or December 31, 2015? Personally, I wouldn’t hold my breath that it’s going to be complete by either of those dates. (oops, I said it)

    While I’m sliding down this horrible path to what some call metro whining– what in the world is going on over at HQ that metro is so awful? I passed a dude on the street last week, asking me to sign a petition to get Muriel Bowser on the mayoral ballot, which I refused solely on the fact that she’s on the metro board for the past two-and-a-half years and is nothing more than an apologist (who, when something bad happens over and over again, she finally chimes in — after the 70th or 80th time it happens — and says “Metro needs to apologize”). I get that her power is limited, but at least pretend you’re making some kind of effort. It’s kind of hilarious how the entire metro board doesn’t even bother with the theatrics of caring anymore.

  • Where the heck ARE those 7000 series trains, anyway?

  • The 7000 series trains will be rolled out on the Silver Line. As to the priorities question, the lighting project is a direct result of suggestions from the disability community. It’s been in the works for a very long time.

  • Better lighting is definitely good, but those new overhead lights at Gallery Place look terrible. I guess that preserving the integrity of the stations’ architectural design is no longer a priority.

    • For wmata HQ’s reference:
      in·teg·ri·ty (inˈtegritē), noun
      1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
      2. the state of being whole and undivided; the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction; internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data.

  • Ah ah ah!
    And that kind of stuff will encourage more people to ride the metro?

    Less Metro meltdown
    Less wait on the weekend
    More reliability
    Cheaper fare
    More respect

    Without any of that, I won’t get back on the metro…
    I don’t care about carpet and lights…

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