Holy Huge Shaw News – Richard Sandoval Restaurant and Indie Coffee Shop Coming to 7th Street

1547 7th Street, NW at Q Street

Shaw ANC Rep Kevin Chapple emailed some phenomenal news for Shaw yesterday:

“I am happy to announce that after years of being a vacant blight in the community, the building at 1547 – 7th St will be transformed into a world renowned restaurant. A lease has been signed with chef Richard Sandoval’s restaurant group. The restaurant at 1547 – 7th Street will be one of his El Centro brand.

The laundromat at 1535 – 7th Street will be closing and a coffee shop will take its place.”

Ed. Note: I asked Kevin if he could share more info on the coffee shop and while the owners are still trademarking their name the space will be an “independent coffee shop, i.e. not apart of any chain”.

Kevin also shares that Ivy & Coney will be opening in a few weeks.

And all this is addition to all the good stuff coming to City Market at O.

1500 block of 7th Street, NW looking south

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  • Here’s the Streetsense listing for the Sandoval building. Big space.

  • There are still plenty of crappy buildings on this block… unleash the investors!

  • Not to be a killjoy, but
    1) How is El Centro “world renowned”?
    2) What is the point of opening one 7 blocks from an existing one?

    Nonetheless, good to see a vacant building put back to productive use. Also, glad to hear about the coffee shop.

  • Does this mean that 14th Street is now so 2013 and 7th Street is going to be 2014?

    • 14th was 2011, 11th was 2012, and 9th was 2013. Apparently you’re correct about 2014 tho 🙂

    • Interesting point – when I visited Dacha and Mockingbird Hill on the last day of the shutdown, at least two people corrected me when I asked if 7th Street was the new H Street. “No-it’s the new 14th Street.”

      • Yup. I expect the bro-brigades to invade Dacha by the spring. The gays have been quickly replaced by the yuppie parent-and-stroller set over the last few weekends. It’s only a matter of time before 7th becomes the new 14th Street, complete with condos and an El Centro (cue the Wooo! Girls in their heels, drinking margs)

  • justinbc

    “transformed into a world renowned restaurant”, getting a bit ahead of themselves on that one.

  • That particular space on the corner has been vacant for so long – and always seemed like such a great corner for something like this. Really really glad to see something coming in from Richard Sandoval, even if his guacamole could use more lime juice, imho.

    I do hope some of these spots on 7th street to for something other than food/coffee. maybe a little market? hardware store? pet place? I know these things exist not too far away, i’m just hoping for a little diversity and not strictly restaurants on 7th.

    • It is indeed nice to see the businesses go up in the area! I hope it doesn’t turn into another 14th Street: Restaurant, bar, restaurant, Redeem (<– is a good thing!), bar bar, cafe bar…..
      As a business owner newly relocated to Shaw (9th Street), I am looking forward to some diversity. The neighborhood is awesome, such a great community is developing!

  • It was only a matter of time for that laundromat. It always seems to be pretty busy, though. I wonder where people will do laundry now?

    • is this the “dromat”? i use it to give directions to my friends when they come visit… how will they ever find me now?

    • the laundromat is further down this block. This won’t replace it.

      But there is a for lease sign on the laundromat, so I’m sure in a couple years it will be “The ‘Dromat” serving “small plates of comfort food paired with craft beers and a carefully curated cocktail menu from world-renowed mixologist Joe Blow in an informal setting with roof deck constructed from locally reclaimed materials.”

  • OMG this is wonderful news. We knew it was just a matter of time…and now, bring it on!! I can’t wait 🙂

  • I am so buying into this neighborhood before it takes off…….say what! they want how much for that????

    • Too late. The expected boom has been priced into transactions for the last year or so. Commercial rents have been jacked way up. Landlords are sitting on empty properties, waiting for the developments to fill in and will then go in for the kill. If you bought a few years ago, you will do great.

  • holy #$#! This is awesome, right around the corner from me. I wonder what retail is being planned for Jefferson or City Center. Does anyone know?

  • I love the mixture of restaurants/bars that are coming, even that we just know of so far. Everything from cool neighborhood dive (e.g., Showtime) to crazy high-end (Rouge 24). Now just connect the dots/fill in a few more empty storefronts, and you’ve got yourself one amazing destination neighborhood superimposed on an already wonderful/historic neighborhood.

  • i was just about to say that.

  • Why does the world need so many coffee shops?

    • telecommuting.

    • Actually, there aren’t any within at least five blocks of this location. (Azi’s is 6+ blocks south, Big Bear is 8 – 10 blocks east, Cafe Bohem is 7 or 8 blocks north, and the closest one to the west is probably TCB across from Garrison Elementary School.) This seems a really smart location for a coffee shop.

      • Bohem is not 7 or 8 blocks north. It’s on Florida, which is essentially U on that block. This new place is at Q.

      • Azi’s is at 9th and O. The laundromat-soon-to-be-coffee shop is at 7th between P and Q. So 3.5 blocks away. And I think they’re going to sell coffee at the new Giant, which is in between.

        • That’s intereting. OP here. I think my sense of distance must reflect how dfferent those parts of the (apparently very nearby) city feel…

  • This is fabulous news. I love his other restaurants. Is he known for opening up places in grimy parts of town like this?

    • This is a giimy part of town? Am I missing the sarcasm?

      • *grimy I mean

      • the few blocks around here are still pretty grim.

      • Have you not walked down 7th Street since the mid 60’s? It’s definitely pretty rough around the edges. Not someplace you’d want to be wandering around all by yourself after dark quite yet. Of course, 14th Street wasn’t much different just a few short years ago.

        • I still can’t believe that it was less than 4 years ago that street prostitutes were still actively plying their trade on 14th and there was a sleeping homeless guy every half block. I bet 9th and 7th transition even quicker, considering there’s no major homeless shelter nearby (though, those streets are closer to large blocks of low income housing and the social issues that come with those places)

        • Why yes, in fact I’ve walked and biked down 7th street a few times this past summer. Definitely would choose walking down 7th than a few blocks east of here.

        • I have never had a problem “wandering” around 7th Street after dark.

  • Shaw is the hottest neighborhood in the city right now. Couldn’t happen to a nicer spot 🙂

    • I could not agree more!

      • Yay Shaw! and i was just raving about our hood on rants n raves this morning, before this post even surfaced. Love Shaw! I think i will be a bit sad in a few years if we keep losing some of the diversity in our neighborhood (not just race but income, etc). but now is a great time to be in Shaw.

    • the whole city is hot, but shaw is finally getting some much needed love.

  • This is a great news. I live a block a way from this mess and i am so happy to hear these development. I wish they would restore the Theater on corner 7th and P which now uses as construction site for O ST Market. Thank you for sharing this great news.

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