Visitor Parking Pass Distribution Now in Progress


From DDOT:

“Today the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced it has started to distribute the 2013/2014 Visitor Parking Pass (VPP). The new passes are being distributed via mail to households located in Wards 1, 3, 4, 5 and parts of Ward 6 (H Street and Ballpark District) and DDOT plans to complete the mailing by December.

The residents in these Wards may expect to receive their pass no later than December 2013.

Although the 2012/2013 pass will remain valid through December 2013 residents are reminded to discard their old pass upon receiving the 2013/14 pass.

The new pass will be made available free of charge and only one pass will be provided per household.

Households located outside of the 2013/2014 VPP participating area may visit their local police station or substation to request a temporary parking pass.

Questions about the VPP program may be directed to DDOT’s customer service line at 202-673-6813 during normal business hours.

About the Parking Pass Program

The VPP program is designed to allow guests of District residents to park for more than two hours on RPP zoned blocks. A VPP is only valid during the hours of RPP enforcement and in the same RPP zone and ANC boundary as the residence.”

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  • So do I need to apply for one or will it automatically arrive at my house? and does anyone know where I can find the boundaries for the “H Street” and “Ballpark District”?

  • If I live in a legal English basement, does anyone know if the city will provide my unit with a parking permit as well? Or will only one be delivered to the main house?

    • If your apartment is legal and separately metered, I would assume you would get it. If it’s an illegal rental, only the house would get it.

    • My husband and I live in a English basement in Columbia Heights and we received a parking pass last year.

  • Why are the visitor passes limited to certain wards?

    • I agree, I thought the initial post said that the passes would become available to all RPP eligible households. I was hoping that would mean Ward 2.

      • They canceled and reconsidered the program, and after feedback from Ward 2 decided not to include Ward 2 in the program.

  • I’d like to know why we have them at all. We moved into a Navy Yard apartment building that is not eligible for RPP and before we sold our car we were able to get a 2 week parking pass, valid for ANY zone in DC.

  • Do these only go to people who have cars registered in DC?
    I don’t have a car, but I do have a DC drivers license and have never received my pass.

  • I thought they were going to make people request these parking passes through a website. What happened to that idea?

  • A pass magically appeared in my mailbox last year around this time, two years after I bought my Columbia Heights condo. I don’t have a car and didn’t request it; I’ve had a DC license for 15 years, and this is the first time I’ve gotten a pass, so might it be my home-ownership? A traffic cop told me that when I have family or friends come to visit, they can put it on their dashboard and won’t get ticketed, so that’s kind of nice.

    • It’s a new effort – DC began mailing these automatic visitor parking pass distribution program last year.

    • I think they were sending one per household to the wards (or maybe it was ANC districts) that had chosen to be part of the program.

    • Last year, I had to call and get a pass after I moved into my new rental apartment in the U Street area. Then 3 months later another pass magically showed up in the mail, so I have two passes right now. I think the second pass might have been tied to registering my scooter to my apartment.
      I think home ownership is one way that the passes are automatically triggered. If you’re a renter, you might need to call to get the pass.

  • fyi for a few of you — this pass has nothing to do with whether you own a vehicle or have a license. It is for if people who have those things come visit you, they can park on the street near your house without getting a ticket. it also helps enforce the system that prevents random commuters from the suburbs take up all the street parking in the hoods. would be kinda nice if they just got rid of 50% of street parking and made it as expensive as ####. Luxury should cost more than $35 a year. I want parks, not parking.

  • The DC DOT website link provided below is so vague! How do I know if my condo is included in the part of H Street/Ward 6 that gets a pass. Is it based on homeownership, license, etc?

    Has anyone called yet to try and get more information?

  • So i live in the Ward that was suppose to get them first. I rent a legal apartment and have a car registered and a DC license….but have not received one yet. Anyone else on here that lives in Adams Morgan and has or has not received it?

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