Two More Car Jackings this Morning

From MPD:

“There were two Carjacking incidents this morning in the First District. In the first incident nothing was obtained; in the second incident the victims vehicle was stolen.

At about 8:20 AM the complainant parked her vehicle in a gas station in the 1200 block of PA Ave SE to refuel the vehicle. While she was out of the vehicle, another vehicle pulled alongside of her, a subject exited and jumped into the driver’s seat of the victim’s car. A witness was still seated in the victim’s car and a struggle ensued between that witness and the suspect. During the struggle another suspect from the suspect vehicle approached and displayed a handgun. Subsequently all suspects fled in the vehicle they arrived in. The lookout is for a 2001-2002 black Mercedes, 500 Class, with tinted windows; the vehicle was occupied by four suspects. Suspect 1: black male, 18-22 years old, light complexion, 5’5”, medium build, dreadlocks hair style, wearing a black t-shirt with a red design, khaki pants; Suspect 2: black male, 18-22 years old, dark complexion, 5’8”, slim build, wearing a two tone gray hoody, blue jeans and armed with a handgun; Suspect 3 & 4, unknown males seated in the back seat of the vehicle.

At about 8:30 AM the complainant was at 17th & C Street NE when her car was “bumped” from behind by a dark color vehicle, possibly a Mercedes. The compliant got out of her car to inspect the damage and two black males exited the striking vehicle and engaged the complainant in conversation. While the victim was inspecting the damage to her vehicle one of the two subject jumped into her car and drove off. The only description available at this time is for two black males, one with dreadlocks hairstyle, and a back dark vehicle, possibly a Mercedes. The stolen auto is a silver Infiniti G37, with DC tags EJ 0362.

These offenses are being actively investigated by the First District Detectives Unit, who can be contacted on (202) 299-2025. Anyone with information can also call the police at (202) 727-9099. Anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging to 50411. Additionally, please call 911 if you observe suspicious persons, vehicles or activities.”

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  • Not trying to victim blame here, but am I the only person that takes the keys out of the ignition when they get out of their car?

    • I do as well. I don’t understand why they leave it in the car?

    • I take mine out no matter what. Even at the airport dropping someone off.
      I guess if someone ever bumps your car it’s best to just keep going and inspect the damage later. If there is any your insurance should cover it as “hit and run” (if you have full collision insurance). Of course, somehow I doubt any thugs will want my soccer mom style hybrid SUV 🙂

      • Authorities recommend that if you are bumped, to lock your doors and call the police. I read about one recent incident where a person smartly did that, and when the person who bumped her car saw that she was calling the police, they fled the scene.

        • Plus (at least in my experience) whoever calls the police first is the winner when it comes to assigning an at-fault role to one of the drivers.

    • I take out my key and lock the door when I’m getting gas. However, it says a “witness was still seated in the victim’s car,” and I have to admit that if I had a friend in the passenger seat, I might not. I wouldn’t lock it, anyway.

      In any case, I am in those areas all the time and get gas at that gas station, so this is very disconcerting.

    • My key goes with me anytime I get out of the driver’s seat. It’s actually a deliberate habit to prevent me from locking my keys in my car, but it also means the engine is off and the car isn’t going anywhere.

      • would this really matter? if I went through the trouble of hitting someone so I could carjack them, I wouldn’t give up just because the owner was holding the keys.

    • Lots of cars don’t have key-ignition set ups anymore

    • I would much rather have them take off with my car than realize that I had the keys and that they need to get them from me. By the time not having the keys in the ignition would matter I’d just want them out of there. To hell with your car, you have insurance.

  • DC Police need to catch these mofos, they are getting more and more brazen.

  • I assume the cops realize that the description of the perps cars are nearly identical…i.e. they failed at 8:20 and went after someone else 10 minutes later.

  • No Meg, you’re not the only one. I always turn the car off and lock the door when I get gas. As a woman you can never be too cautious. It always amazes me when I hear on the news about guys pulling up next to cars at gas stations, opening the passenger side door and stealing a woman’s purse. I always wonder – who leaves their passenger door unlocked? I’m not sure anyone would want to tap my 1989 Honda Accord Hatchback from behind. In any event, I wouldn’t get out of the car under anyway. But it would make a great hoopty for some bad guy.

    • Until last year I lived in NJ with my 1992 Honda Civic hatchback. The guy pumping gas (at whatever random station I happened to go to) would offer to buy it about every third time I got gas.

  • Well, clearly we know how they acquired the Mercedes. Hard work, of course.

    Christ, give me a break and catch these imbeciles. Aren’t there cameras at gas stations?!?!

  • Clearly the same suspects. 17th & C NE is conveniently 10 minutes or less up the road from 12th & Penn SE. Given the ages in the description, I wonder if it was gang initiation related since they were clearly very determined to steal someone’s car. Or maybe they were playing a gangbanger scavenger hunt. “Next on the list…..jack a car.”

    • Or an Infiniti G37 named “Rosebud” was the next car on their list. And they had 60 seconds to make it happen.

      It was a brand-new car, too, based on the plate number. Registered about a week ago.

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