Multiple Reports of Heavy Police Presence and Helicopters Circling in Mt. Pleasant around 17th and Newton St, NW


Multiple reports of police activity around 17th and Newton St, NW. More info when/if it becomes available.

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  • The helicopter has been searching with its search light since about 7 pm. It has been circling the area you mentioned, around 17th and Newton. I haven’t seen the police activity, just the helicopter.

  • I love this site. I’ve been sitting in my apt trying to decide if I should go out for dinner or wait until the sounds of circling helicopters stops. Anyone have more news?

  • Cops are going north on 17 past park. Just heard 3 of them go by. Helicopter seems to have focused further north than Newton and possibly stopped circling.

  • They’re still making their way all the way up to 14th and Randolph.

    • I was running in the park and when I got onto Mount Pleasant Street at the end north of Newton the plain clothed cops with assault rifles were there along with some regular cops. They asked me if I had seen kids firing air guns.

      • Seriously? The appropriate response to kids with pellet guns is to deploy a SWAT team with assault rifles?!? WTF is going on in this city?

        • Such a recipe for disaster. Cops are over militarized/under educated/under trained….We don’t need SWAT teams for enforcing every single law in this country.

  • Spotted 4 cops coming out of the park at the dead end of MtP Street. 2 were plain clothes and carrying giant guns. Probably 20 minutes ago.

  • I heard it was related to the mountain lion sighting.

  • And here I am, sitting in my apartment on the corner of 17th and Newton, completely oblivious. Good to know. Thanks, as always, PoP.

  • PoP Thank you for this thread!! I was starting to feel likei live in a war zone and Washington Post was telling me nothing.

  • Lock down and don’t go out when there are helicopters circling. May be nothing, but why take the chance?

  • Two Mt Pleasant posts back to back!

  • Chopper is either leaving or heading north because it just went over Brightwood.

  • someone was probably seen trespassing in a national park during the shutdown. can’t be tooooo careful

  • Any update on this…? Would love to know what happened

  • Actually, I’ve been noticing the cops being super vigil around here for the last couple of weeks. Choppers and tons of cruisers at odd hours of the night. Yet I see many of neighbors walking around like nothing bad ever happens here. Be safe please.

  • The two rumors I heard:

    1) report of cougar in the park (source: mailman)
    2) kids shooting bb guns, maybe someone thought they were real guns? (source: neighbor)

  • Heard the chopper circling for awhile then went out for some sushi and as I was picking it up, several DC police cars went speeding down Mount Pleasant St towards 16th. When I got back to my place, a police car was driving along Newton with two officers sitting on the rear trunk of the car with large assault rifles. The car then turned left on 17th heading towards Piney Branch. No clue still on that. I like the mountain lion theory though, hahaha.

  • Went out walking the dog around 7:45 after the police cars had left the block. There was a female MD officer at the intersection of Lamont and 19th so I stopped to ask her if she knew anything about the police presence/helicopters 30 minutes prior. She took her eyes off her smartphone for a whole 3-5 seconds to tell me, ‘Oh I don’t know, that was park police, they were looking for somethin’… I don’t know…’

    So yeah, that was *really* helpful information from a uniform MDP officer.

    • I’m guessing that she actually did not know. And if she did, good chance she was not at liberty to tell you. Simmer down.

      • She knew.

      • Cops are not dispatched randomly and without knowledge of the situation. Of course, most of the cops I encounter in Mt P are more interested in illegally parking in front of the 7-11, chowing on taquitos and ignoring the drunk who is passed out and has pissed his pants on the corner a block away.

  • What does the fox say?

  • Any word on what this was? Pretty scary!

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