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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • @Popville: Do you or does anyone else know what happened at 13th and Shepherd on Saturday night around 9:30pm? There were no less than 5 fire trucks, a few ambulances and multiple police cars. However, there was no mention in the media or by MPD/EMS.

  • gotryit

    rave: played video games this weekend for the first time since January
    rant: didn’t work on getting the heating system going
    rave: saved the world from multiple alien attacks

    • Same boat here, I am playing Far Cry 3, and haven’t played video games in a while.

      Rant: Umpired 5 games this weekend.
      Rave: Made a lot of money
      Rave2: Took out all sorts of bad guys, often many at the same time. Grenade launcher FTW!

  • Rant: My beautiful orange pumpkin wandered off Sunday between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. I was going to give out candy at Halloween since I had a cheery pumpkin on my porch but now I’m not. Suck it thieves!

  • epric002

    rave: watching the MCM on sunday and cheering on my SIL and other friends.
    rant: the MCM app SUCKED. it crashed every time i tried to open it. i signed up for tracking updates and didn’t get any for my SIL until she was almost done with the race.
    rave: we still managed to find her in the crowds, and my husband got to run w/her for about 10 miles.
    rave: got my new fall hair yesterday and i love it! brunette pixie FTW 😀

  • Rant: Feeling crummy, as usual. Neither therapy nor meds have been of much use in the past; my issues are boring, unsympathetic, and not severe enough to warrant much fuss. (Still I feel rotten. It’s so stupid and self-absorbed.)

    Quesion: What was the deal with all the cop cars between 6th and 8th on Pennsylvania SE on Saturday night around 10:00 or so? The cops were out in force on the south side of the street, and I even saw some searching a guy’s front garden on 6th. There was no information on the MPDC twitter feed nor in the Post.

    • I’ve been wondering about this…How does MPD determine which incidents they’re going to put on their twitter feed. There have been a number of times that it’s clear that something is going on crime-wise or accident-wise, but no mention on the twitter feed. How do they decide?

    • Hey, no oppression olympics. It doesn’t matter that other people have it much worse. It matters that you feel bad and need some help.

      Re: meds and therapy, my inclination would be to wonder if the ones you’ve received are the best fit for your issues. Can you try different kinds of meds? Sometimes it takes a few tries to find meds that play nicely with your brain/chemistry/life. And agreed that therapy is not the be all end all for everyone, but I wonder if the type you were receiving was the one that’s best for your issues? I hope that you can find something to make you feel better soon.

    • Re. the cops on Penn on Saturday night, it was this: http://www.popville.com/2013/10/props-to-the-cops-mpd-and-capitol-police-armed-robbery-arrest-including-gun-recovery/. The robbery had appeared on the Twitter feed, but I thought 2nd and A NE was too far away to be related to the action on Penn. Props to the cops indeed!

    • If you’re feeling “rotten”, I think that warrants attention and intervention — so that you don’t feel so rotten. As others have noted, sometimes it takes a bit of shopping around before you find meds and/or a therapist/type of therapy that’s a good fit . It also warrants a thorough assessment — to sort out whether seasonal factors and/or physical ones are impacting how you feel, since that might change the recommended interventions. It’s neither stupid nor self-absorbed to be aware of your feelings! It’s an acknowledgement that hopefully can lead to interventions that can make things better for you!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Speaking of SAD, I have it and I use a light box to help combat it. I love my light box and it really does help me in the winter. I have it set to wake me up each morning and let the light do it’s magic. It was pretty spendy when I bought it, but totally worth it for me. I think the brand is Sunbox Company, if anyone has SAD or had difficult waking up before the sun comes up, I cannot recommend a light box enough! It’s also more pleasant to wake up to the light than sound, but it has a sound component if one needs more than just light to wake up.

  • Rant: People keep telling me it’s time to start coloring my hair. I have a lot of shiny silver in with my natural brown. Is it true? Do people think less/ badly/ differently of a youngish woman who lets her grey show?

    I’m scared of the cost, in $$ and in time. I don’t like the look of box dyes, but I don’t want to spend an hour+ and $150 at the salon every six weeks, only to have a skunk stripe after the first ten days…


    • To hell with other people’s opinions. If you have no problems with the grey hairs who cares what anyone else thinks?

    • I’m 36 and just started to get noticeable grey hair. Not planning to color it for all of the reasons you list. Fight the power! (Although I do pluck the random horrible crazy Albert Einstein grey eyebrow hairs.)

    • I have no problem with gray hairs on anyone (man or woman), and don’t think less of people for keeping it the way it naturally occurs.

    • I’m right there with you, about the time and cost and maintenance. I’ve been happy with the “semi-permanent” color (sometimes called a rinse, I think). It’s a lot less harsh and basically turns the grey into highlights (I get a rinse of a color that’s a little lighter than my normal color so it doesn’t really show up on my non-grey hair), and it washes out so you don’t get the dye line. It’s less expensive, too. I don’t use shampoo every day, but for me it lasts a lot longer than the 6 weeks they suggest.

      • I should say that another thing I like about this is that when I decide not to color (I go back and forth), it just gradually turns back to the normal grey streak and people don’t even really notice.

    • I started going grey in my 20s, and have never colored my hair.

      I thought I was going to get all these comments telling me how I needed to dye it, but surprisingly I’ve actually gotten quite a few positive comments! Lots of women have said that they admire my “courage”, and wish they “had the guts” to do it themselves. Huh? It’s not so much courage, but laziness, and a little bit of not wanting to destroy my hair- I’ve finally gotten my curly/wavy hair hydrated and healthy, I’m not going to process it any more than I have to!

      I think the key to rocking grey hair as a young-ish lady is all about cut and style- if you have a great stylist (who supports your decision to not color), you can have fun, awesome haircuts, and your silver will look great.

    • It’s your hair, your time and your money. Do what you want with it and don’t worry about what other people say.

    • austindc

      I think gray hair looks awesome on both men and women. For older folks, I think it makes them look distinguished and powerful, and on younger people, I think it makes them look kind of badass and hardcore without detracting from their attractiveness. I think it’s really cool that our hair turns silver. I say flaunt it.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I get “low lights” done at PR @ Partners and it looks very natural and grows out gracefully. I had it last done in April before going to a conference and turning 60. I may get it done again before the holidays – for photos. I started going grey at 30, used box dyes until 50, then let it grow out painfully. The professional low lights are more expensive but also look better in the long run.

    • epric002

      have you ever tried coloring your hair before? if not, why not try it? *not* b/c other people want you to, but if you’re interested in trying it out. you certainly don’t have to keep it it up if you find you don’t like the results/cost/maintenance.

      • Because once you do it, you have to keep it up, or spend the next two years growing it out, or chop it all off. (I have rather long hair.) Either way, “trying it” is not without consequences. I tried the 28-shampoos variety; it made my hair brittle and frizzy, the color looked fake as hell, and it didn’t even do much for the grey. The next haircut will finally get rid of the last of the homedye damage. I’ve heard that professional color actually improves the condition of hair…

        • epric002

          i’ve had very different experiences than you. i’ve colored my hair a few times now, and have never kept the color- i always go back to my natural color, and have never had the color damage my hair.

          • It might be diffrent types of hair. I’ve hard the same experiences as anonymous at 11:43. It took years for the dye to grow out (also long hair, and I look terrible with short hair). At one point I tried to get my hair dyed back my natural color and that was off, so then I had to wait for that to grow out. And it changed the texture of my curly hair to this terrible brittle texture. I just wouldn’t do it again. I am a little jealous of my friends who dye their hair and still have nice hair. Still not sure I’d do it because of the hassle and the price, but at least I’d have the option.

    • F#ck the HATERS. You do you, boo.

    • Dying at the salon is an expensive habit. I find it worthwhile, but can understand people who don’t want to make the investment. There are some higher end drugstore dyes that might give better results. Or you could look into higher end brand dyes. I know that Fekkai used to have one, but it doesn’t look like they still do. WTHBS, if you’re comfortable with your gray and don’t feel the need to cover it, then don’t cover it. Other people will just have to deal with that.

    • I use Lush hennas. They are v. Messy but do a decent job covering them up– I use the caca noir and it turns my grays a reddish color.

  • My dog got loose this morning and went barking after some poor guy walking his dog. I know first hand how scary that is and I am so so sorry. When I went back out after getting my dog inside and under control, the man and his dog were already gone. If that was you, I hope you’re okay and please get in touch if you need anything!

  • Rave: The Botany of Beer at the National Arboretum on Saturday – learning about the botany while drinking the beer. I want to be a hop farmer.
    Sad: Last week was the first anniversary of my mother’s death. It’s been a tough year for my family.

  • Rave: HispanicandProud and LP both had amazing runs this Sunday at the MCM.
    Rave: Was fun being a spectator and out enjoying the sun all day
    Rave: Surprise dinner with friend last night

  • Rave: Saw a shooting star this morning! (Waiting to see how the wish went.)

  • KSB

    Rant: Had a co-worker refer to my upcoming maternity leave as a vacation. Really? 12 weeks of intermittent sleep, unpredictable nourishment and catch-as-you-can hygiene is definitely not a vacation. Asshat.
    Rave: Brookland Halloween Parade yesterday. Perfect afternoon and awesome neighborly fun!

    • Man, people really suck. Ugh. Shake it off.

    • It’s definitely no vacation, but I have really good memories of maternity leave. It’s awesome to have your job be cuddling your baby (and generally keeping it alive, which can definitely be trying and challenging, but there’s a lot of cuddling in there too). Congratulations!

    • There’s a mathematical equation for that.

      (Pregnancy / child related unwanted advice) = 10 x (Normal unwanted advice)

      applies to both severity and quantity!

    • A coworker told me they were jealous that I’d have “12 weeks off this summer.” Ok….12 weeks, half paid with my vacation time, half unpaid. All taking care of a newborn. Party! – Congratulations!

  • Rant: Was at the Tivoli Giant on Saturday looking for Halloween cookies. They only had one little card table of Halloween items at the bakery and when the people behind the counter were asked they said that was all the Halloween stuff they had left. Checked the frozen section for some of those pre-made, bake at home cookies and instead of Halloween designs they had Thanksgiving.

    • Go a couple blocks up 14th Street to Le Caprice… they have the cutest cookies for every holiday. (My favorite to date were their rainbow cookies for the big SCOTUS/ DOMA decision.)

  • Rant: colleague left and we’re all scrambling to split up her work. I feel like I’m treading water trying to keep up with all the work.
    Rave: Getting rid of old furniture and getting smaller pieces that work better in my place.
    Rave: out of town guests coming this weekend. Should be fun.

  • Are you talking about one headline being Chris Brown? Not sure Howard has to own that, he already is known to have issues and he was not part of any Howard sanctioned event. Re: Friday crowd control issue, HU needs to do better. I have to think this was non-students because the yardfest was free for students. I am a brightside kind of Alum, I had a great time at the parade, the students seemed well behaved. I was also encouraged to see some these ‘millenials’ discussed all week in the Post out and about taking in a few homecoming activities. I saw a group hanging on the parade route having cocktails, they seemed very festive.
    RAVE – HU is ‘responsible’ for much of my happiness, wife’s parent met at Howard, I met my wife there. No Howard, no happily ever after for me!

    Rant – You can’t go running on a parade route.

  • Rave: Third date tomorrow night.
    Rave: Ate at Ted’s Bulletin three times this past weekend. I ain’t even mad.

  • Rave: puppy sitting
    Rant: puppy barks at 3am
    Rant: puppy got sick on my new rug
    Rave: love the puppy!
    Rant: UPS sent my packages back without ever contacting me. Good-bye cute clothes

  • Rave: Cute kiddie costumes in that mini-Halloween parade that I randomly ran into proceeding across P Street.
    Rant: Cabbie who intentionally and very loudly gunned his engine as the crowed passed his bumper, presumably because he was annoyed at the (temporary-5min or so) police blockade at 15th & P. Hope it made you feel like a big, manly, badass man to menace a group of freaking preschoolers. Ugh.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Aww At the library I used to work at we used to have a kiddie costume parade at Halloween. They had so much fun weaving in and out of all the shelves and the other, mostly elderly, patrons loved seeing the kids and the costumes. It was fun.

  • Rant: And I know there will be people who vociferously disagree, but here goes – chatty Metro operators, esp. the “more than one door” guy on the Orange line. STFU already, I’m tryin’ to read here.

  • RANT: Adult trick or treaters. Really, people? You’re 20-something with no costume and you think I’m going to hand you candy?
    RAVE: little kids in Halloween costumes. Kiling me with the cuteness.

    • 20-something? That’s pretty bizarre. I always thought the outside age for trick-or-treating was 12 or so, but would give candy to an older sibling escorting younger kids. One thing though — when I was 12, two of my best friends were about 5′ 9″ — and it always seemed cruel when people would pause and question them before giving them candy, or decide not to give them candy because they were “too big”. They had costumes though! And I agree — little kids in costumes are adorable, especially when they seem kind of out of character — like the shy kid who’s dressed up like the Hulk, or the bossy kid in the angel costume.

      • I had one guy knock on my door and tell me he was trick or treating because his kid was in the hospital. Not donations for the hospital to do a Halloween party for the kids. It was strange.

  • Rant: I may have to travel to SC for work, which in and of itself is fine, but the boss is out! If the boss is out, there’s no scheduling of flights. Since I need to secure travel, it’s a rental car for me unless he magically appears. Rave: I like driving, so there’s that.

    Rant: That travel would bring me back to DC the day before we move.

    Rave: We’d be moving! And it’s local, so not the most insane thing I could do. I only need to drop off our applications and get absolute confirmation from the new building’s manager, but everything is sounding like it’s a go! Here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx things.

    • You can’t pay for the flight now and then get reimbursed? How about getting a written email from your boss that gives you permission to make the booking?
      A rental car + gas +tolls + wasted time will probably be more expensive than a flight, IMHO.

      • And factor in being anxious to get back to prep for moving….

        • Unfortunately our company is SO small that we likely aren’t both traveling, and my boss will wait until the absolute last minute to decide that he’s going (or not). At least with a car I can be prepared in the event I have to head down last minute, as well as get out of Charleston as soon as my obligations are done without having to wait for a flight! And fortunately I’ve done this drive (or similar) a few times before – it’s pretty nice, and no tolls, thankfully.

          (I am so doing everything in my being to be positive about this at this point, heh.)

  • Rave: Great weekend. Semi-spontaneous visit from hubby’s family. Overall a relaxing and productive weekend.
    Rant: My family. They make estrangement seem like a valid lifestyle choice. The spectrum of awfulness ranges from self-absorbancy to pest-like behavior.

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