New Neighborhood Bar Coming to former Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant Space at 14th and Florida Ave, NW

2210 14th Street, NW

More big news for the 14th Street corridor. I hear from a very good source that the owners of Federal and Palace5ive (2216 14th St, NW) are opening a neighborhood tavern in the former Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant space. The space is located right between Piola and JUDY restaurant just south of Florida Ave. Word is that it will be a very chill spot with beer in cans. More info when it becomes available.


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  • +20 billion. please intelligent owners, no frills here. one dive over here is all i’m asking for.

  • very very very happy about this, we lack a chill place to have a beer that is very close by. Love the skate shop/federal too!

  • Beer in cans!

  • Yesssssss PLEASE

  • YES this would be amazing. If someone would actually open a chill, reasonably priced, comfort food type place it would make TONS of money and be busy all the time. It’d be nice to have a meal and a beer for less then $15.

    • But very little margin, rents are sky high. You can’t charge less than $6 for a beer in that neighborhood and food costs are high. Ulah Bistro is fairly affordable and chill in the hood.

      • I get your point. But Ulah is not “chill” or “relaxed”. It’s a nice place, but it’s not a place I would spend hours on end, shooting the breeze with friends. It also gets pretty expensive very quickly.

  • I wouldn’t mind a beer or two from a tap, but as long as some of the cans are DC Brau, I’ll be in

  • Fing yes. So many nights I just want a beer, a nice bartender, a little elbow room, and decent music. Looking forward to this place opening up.

    (Love Federal, too..)

    • Sorry, you need to pick two of those; you don’t get all of them in one venue. This is 14th Street, after all.

  • Paying $8 for a can of bud to become the next trend in DC?

  • Why would you buy a beer in a can unless its heady topper?

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