La Colombe Coffee Hoping to Open in 5 Weeks in Blagden Alley


In September we noted the La Colombe coffee spot was starting to look awesome in Blagden Alley. Now a reader tells us:

“A contractor working at the future La Colombe tells me that it should be done in 5 weeks.”

Note how awesome the big garage doors turned out:


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  • Can’t wait for this to open in my neighborhood!!!

  • Is this where the ill-fated waffle place was? Or is that a different alley?

  • Sounds like a nice addition to the neighborhood. Not sure how you can tell from a garage door and a hollowed out shell that this will be the ‘coolest coffeehouse in the DIstrict’. But it will be nice, as most of the La Colombes around the world tend to be.

  • Great! Between this and the caribou conversion to Peets, my coffee choices will markedly improve.

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