Fusion Restaurant Broken into Twice in Two Weeks

4815 Georgia Avenue, NW

From the owner of Fusion:

“Everyone please be on the alert, Fusion has been broke into on the 25th of September and they stole my laptop computer, cash register, and some liquor. Last night they broke in again and stole a 52 inches tv, cash, liquor and a printer.”

Ed. Note: Bastards. If you’re able show Barry and the restaurant some love and support. They are located at 4815 Georgia Avenue, NW.

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  • Ummmm—install an alarm???

    • An alarm might not have made any difference. There are so many falsely-tripped alarms at offices and commercial establishments that it doesn’t exactly bring the cops running. (I’ve heard this from several police AND also experienced it, when I accidentally tripped the alarm at my former place of work–I called the alarm company immediately, but they said it was too late because they’d already notified police–and it took almost an hour for officers to show.)

  • That’s too bad. Did they have a camera or security system? I hope the cops take this seriously and catch the people.

  • I’ll be going by this weekend to grab a meal, lunch or dinner tomorrow probably. Who else will step up and support this neighborhood staple? This stretch of businesses are having a little rough times but are such an asset to this neighborhood.

  • There was another attempted break in at Golden Heart Yoga last month as well. It was the exact same thing as at Fusion across the street—robbers jimmied the door open.  In our case, our alarm went off and scared them away, but not before our building suffered substantial damage. The police came when the alarm company called, but they didn’t notice that the side door had been smashed open and they left, calling it a false alarm.  

    We’re thankful that they didn’t get in this time, but we’re still trying to get the repairs sorted out.  After our first 2 break ins back in spring, the police said they’d keep an eye on the area, but that’s clearly not happening now.  We really hope that something will change on our block of Georgia Avenue.  It makes it really hard to run a business if you keep getting robbed!

    • gotryit

      Business owners: have you considered getting a set of security cameras? They only run about $300-$500 for a decent entry level setup. Combine that with a security alert system, and you can help the police catch these jerks.

  • It has been said so many times before, but this is the reason we can’t have nice things.

    I agree with the need for surveillance cameras — they are good for catching the perps (the police know who they are), and also for helping get a conviction — a very difficult task for prosecutors dealing with DC juries.

  • how do businesses balance the need for security and looks? What do you guys think about bars on windows or a roll up gate when the business closes?

  • Thank you all for every thing, and please come and enjoy our new location soon ,I will keep you posted.Barry

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