Another Reason This Will Soon Be the Best Bar in DC

1537 7th Street, NW

We’ve known for a little while now that Ivy and Coney had a lot of promise:

“Ivy and Coney is built on a foundation of simplicity: sometimes a good hot dog, a cold beer, and a game on is all you’re looking for in your night. The menu includes Chicago-style and Detroit Coney-style hot dogs, Chicago Italian beefs, peanuts, and cracker jacks. The beers will include Strohs, Old Style, Goose Island 312, and Bell’s Two Hearted along with a quality selection of spirits and sodas.

Additionally, we will be bringing a new concept to the D.C. area for those who want a wider selection of spirits by offering reserved liquor lockers. Our customers will have the opportunity to purchase a broad collection of different labels at a highly discounted service rate, store their choices on site, and have our staff serve up their favorite drinks.

Founded on the “corner tavern” mentality and built with a passion for good value, we aim to make Ivy and Coney a great edition to the DC community.”

Now it is confirmed – check out their front door:


To orient you – you can see the new Elizabeth Taylor Mural at Dacha Beer Garden just up the block:


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  • oh – that’s rad! Looking forward to this for sure! Sounds like the owners get it.

  • that door is hilarious

  • i wonder what this side of 7th will look like in a year… there are several other shuttered or generally underutilized buildings on this block.

    • that block is an especially interesting choice considering Bread for the City, which is an excellent organization but attracts a lot of interesting individuals hanging around at all times, is right there. when that massive new complex is completed across the street it will also change the neighborhood, so it would be great if ivy and coney is able to maintain a legitimate “simplicity”

  • I’m going to live there if this place is as cool as the door is.

  • They forgot “sustainable”

  • Can’t wait until all of Georgia Ave is populated with night life and restaurants so it makes for the best city bar crawl ever… It’s a much longer and diverse strip than anywhere in the city, and there are so many affordable business spaces there. Hopefully they also install good sound systems in these places, there’s nothing more depressing than a bar or club with a weak sound system. This is good news though!

  • PoP, I sure do wish you would include a map in your posts. I’m more likely to venture to a new spot if I have a visual memory of where it is.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      That’s why I gave you the mural to orient yourself! Honestly maps use up too much memory and just end up slowing the site down so I can’t use them on too many posts. And really this isn’t that obscure of a location 🙂

      • Dan is this place open already or opening soon?

      • Maybe instead of having a interactive map you do a screenshot type of deal that had the addy shown on it
        That would give people who dont know where something is a better idea/ cross streets to look at
        i normally dont have that problem and if i do i google
        but thats one way to approach it if you wanted to

        • Prince Of Petworth

          I do that too. But honestly – it’s just too cumbersome to do given how how many photos I like to use. But I appreciate the suggestion!

          • could you maybe just post the cross streets in the address (i.e., put 1537 7th Street, NW, between P and Q) in the text? I live around the corner from here, so I know where it is, but people from other parts of the city might not and when you post addresses for places not in NW i usually have no clue where it is and cross streets would help a lot.

          • I second Jerseygirl’s suggestion of posting cross streets — less cumbersome than posting a map, and would serve the same purpose of orienting people.

      • The mural only works as a landmark if I know where the mural is! 😉 What can I say, I’m stodgy and set in my ways. Would love to break out and get as familiar with other neighborhoods as I am with my own.
        But ok, if it slows down the site, I’ll live.

      • Nah, you don’t need a map. It would be cool if you posted the address AND cross street — that would be a huge help. But the photo for orientation is awesome too. Thanks! And yeah, totally hitting this bar. Yeah Shaw!

  • they misspelled ‘daiquiri’

  • Im concerned that this becomes a hipster mock up of a Chicago corner bar.
    Now- if they start buying liquor from Wirtz and show Blackhawks games…Im in no matter those ironically drinking Old Style. Or Strohs. Or Hamms.

  • This place looks cool, but they can’t call themselves a speakeasy and then advertise the fact that they’re a speakeasy on their front door.

  • I’m excited about this place, but I feel like liquor lockers are pretty much the opposite of “corner tavern”.

    • Maybe I don’t understand the concept (likely!), but I think a liquor locker would limit, not expand, my drinking options. If I’ve got a whole bottle of gin, then I’m going to be drinking all gin, all the time.

  • This place sounds cool, but can someone please explain the liquor locker thing? Is the discounted price really worth not having home access? Just having trouble understanding why anyone would do that.

  • This place is almost guaranteed success. I’m convinced the half of people in DC who didn’t move here from the south, came here from the midwest.

    • I’d say that of the newbies 70% are from NY and points north.

      Long-timers include more Southerners.

  • DC lacks in good sports bars. This isn’t rocket science people! Good beer list, good pub food and tons of TVs. Just go to virtually any bar in Chicago and you experience this concept done well. I loves no appreciate all of the news bars opening in Petworth and 11th St, but where are the straight-up sports bars?

    • I second this. I would love to have an ESPN Zone that doesn’t suck. A place that has great food and drink, and that goes a little further than a bunch of 42″ TVs along the top of the wall or a bad projector.

      • There’s an abandoned ESPN Zone downtown just waiting to be renovated into a new subterranean entertainment destination downtown in the tradition of Rocketbar, Iron Horse and Penn Social. More pinball please.

  • Only Three blocks away from the new EAT THE RICH restaurant opening today!

  • I hope they have at least 1 vegetarian option. Nothing fancy.

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