Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Ledroit Park

600 U Street Northwest

This rental is located at 600 U Street, Northwest:


The listing says:

“Great property in the heart of the city! 3BR, 1.5BA house with washer & dryer, kitchen. Shows well! Right near the green and yellow lines @ Shaw-Howard, buses, bikeshare and more! Live steps to Florida Ave and U Street – Howard Theatre, Ben’s Chili Bowl, the Brixton, Shaw’s Tavern, &Pizza, Subway, Greek Spot, more restaurants, bars & nightlife. Vacant on Sentrilock.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $2,800/Mo.

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  • The water damaged ceilings come for free, kids!

  • I always cringe a little when I see “shows well” in any kind of listing. Usually that means it doesn’t.

  • This house is owned by the Florida Avenue Baptist Church who, in the past, have made some questionable decisions in regards to renters. The last tenants were dealing drugs out of the house, and were a general nuisance to the neighbors. I sincerely hope that this time they do a better job of vetting their tenants.

  • It does show well…in low light. The only positives I see about that location is proximity to nightlife and metro. However the noise that comes with being right on that corner probably is as big an offset…

    • It’s actually a dead-end street, one block north of Florida. The only noise on this block in the past year came from the tenants of this house.

  • Sparta

    What type of estate person would post photos of water-stained ceilings? (dives out of room, waiting for replies… )

  • I viewed it last year when it was up for rent. The people that own it are nice (from the Baptist church next door) but the inside is way dumpy. Bad 1980s carpet everywhere, a tiny and poorly laid out kitchen, and clear signs of water damage on the ceilings AND walls (bubbled paint, etc). It also doesn’t look like they’ve done anything to improve it whatsoever since I saw it last year.

  • As my British friends would put it: “You must be havin’ a laugh!”

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