Redeem Opens in New Location on 14th Street

1810 14th Street, NW

A couple of weeks ago we learned Redeem boutique would be moving up the street to 1810 14th St, NW next to Ted’s Bulletin. They’ve opened and the space is awesome. It’s deceiving from the outside as the storefront is rather small but when you walk inside it’s actually a huge space. And also props for the very cool new sign:


Photos of the inside after the jump.






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  • figby

    Love Redeem’s clothes, wish they went over a size 10. And before the owners post here to insist they do, every time I come in with my giant, hulking size 12 frame, they inform me in person they have nothing that fits me other than jewelry and bags. Good luck with that.

  • Is that sofa for sale?.

  • justinbc

    I always liked most of what Redeem had to sell. This location doesn’t look like the selection is any larger though, just more floor space.

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