Radius Now Offering Brunch (including Lox Pizza) in Mt. Pleasant

3155 Mt Pleasant Street, NW

A couple weeks ago we learned about Radius’ new Fall Menu, now comes word of a new brunch option. From an email:


Lox Pizza
Arugula/Cappers/Red Onion

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Calzone

Nutella French Toast
Fried Banana/Maple Syrup

Sweet Calzone
House Made Jam/Fruit

House Made Donuts

Kombucha Punch


French Press
Hot Tea

Lox Pizza – genius or ridiculous?

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  • SIGH. Why can we just have some nice breakfast places? Why does everyone have to do brunch and turn into a night club past 10 pm?

  • Mmmmm. Cappers.

  • What happened to the old Radius sign? That black on red is not very visible.

  • $20 for some eggs and potatoes? No.

    • Not sure what their breakfast pizzas are like, but if they’re going to be comparable to the regular pizzas that are priced around $20, those are pretty huge. When the bf and I get takeout pizza from Radius, it’s usually enough to feed both of us, with a slice or two of leftovers.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I like these guys, but that is ridic. Especially next to a pie with lox on it that costs the same.

        Eggs and potatoes are some of the cheapest ingredients out there! I guess they are not alone in marking them up…you pay $12 for a traditional bfast of meat, eggs, potatoes and toast anywhere else in town.

  • andy

    I am a fan of lox with most everything, so I am in favor of this culinary choice.

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