Native Foods Café, Plan B Burger Bar Coming to Navy Memorial Plaza in Penn Quarter

701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

A couple weeks ago we learned a Chop’t was coming to the Navy Memorial Plaza next to the Paul bakery. More food options are coming to the plaza. Native Foods Café is coming to the vacant space next to 701 Restaurant.


According a liquor license application:

“Restaurant serving vegan food with a seating capacity for 66 and total occupancy load of 98. Side Café with 40 seats.”

Hours will be 10:30 am – 11 pm Monday-Sunday.

According to their website:

“Native Foods Café is the premier chef-crafted vegan restaurant serving homemade, fresh food every day of the week. Native Foods Cafe has attracted acclaim in Zagat, USA Today, VegNews and numerous other publications.”

You can see their Menus here.

801 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

And for those who remember the space that used to have the good pizza on the other side of the plaza – It’s going to be a Plan B Burger Bar. Washington Business Journal reported:

“The burger-centric restaurant and bar has signed a lease for retail space at 801 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. It will be the group’s first restaurant outside of New England.”

Their website says they offer beef, burgers, bourbon and beer. You can see their full menus here.

Updates as both spots get closer to opening.

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  • *Plan B* Burger Bar?? Someone needs to fire their imaging consultant.

  • I misred Native Food as “Naive Food,” which pretty much accurately describes vegans. 🙂

  • saf

    OK, I am baffled. Why do so many people feel the need to bash vegans?

    • It’s like punching mimes. We don’t need to do it, but it’s fun.

    • I don’t trust anyone who won’t eat ice cream.

      • +a million.

        or is gluten free by choice, not medical necessity.

      • So Delicious soy ice cream. Good stuff, dude. I wonder who got the idea to drink the stuff that comes out of a cow’s udders. And you think vegans are weird.

        I can’t wait until Native Foods opens.

    • I don’t get it, either. I’m a vegetarian of almost 20 years–couldn’t be vegan because I love cheese and ice cream too much–and I’ve lost count by now of all the snarky jabs about vegetarians that I’ve gotten. Why does anyone care so much what someone else eats? (To be fair, I will add that I occasionally do encounter a vegan or vegetarian who bashes meat-eaters. Although that attitude is far less prevalent than people think, it’s slightly frustrating because my theory is that some meat-eaters, upon hearing that I’m a vegetarian, assume that I’m going to judge their diet, and therefore go on the offensive first by immediately being judgy of me.)

      • I think you hit the nail on the head. Signed, a fellow vegetarian tired of being harassed by idiots because I opt not to eat meat

      • saf

        I have certainly encountered veg-folks who judge. It just seems to me that I see a lot more omnivores who judge. And I don’t much like either.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Probably because we all had that annoying ass friend in college (Marlene) who would make snide comments about what we were eating at the dinner table.

      • Yep. Law school and Carrie. Even her cats had to eat vegan food. You couldn’t go to her apartment because the cats had the worst gas I’ve ever smelled. We had to go our separate ways the day she had a fit in a restaurant because she told them she was vegan, but the salad she ordered came out with honey mustard dressing (won’t anyone think of the bees, toiling away like slaves to make that honey).

        • Ironically enough, feeding cats a vegan diet is actually cruel – cats are obligate carnivores, so it’s biologically necessary for them to eat meat.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Marlene fed her cat vegan food too! And then left it with my roommate when she went home for the summer. And it was knocked up. And the gas that cat had could clear the house! And her cat peed on everything! Bonus hate points to Marlene b/c she let us all pick a kitten and she decided to keep the one I picked. I named him and everything. She gave me his sister, Miss Ashlee Barrington (who I love and adore).

  • oh thank god, another burger place. I was wondering what I was going to do given that stretch of town doesn’t have one. I don’t want to have to plan my burger meals around the 940 different burger places, I want them on every corner like CVS.

    as for the other place, “native meat”. WTF?

  • According to those familiar with Plan B Burgers in CT, it is hands down the best burger place and their burgers are described as “heavenly.” Yes, DC has a number of burger joints, but not in that part of town. Fuddruckers and Five Guys are a bit of a walk if you are limited in time on your lunch hour and another quick food option will be nice to those serving jury duty.

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