Missing Person – Justin Rodriguez


From @AmandaMichelle:

“Justin Rodriguez
Black & Latino
In D.C. Area
About 5′ 10″

What I hear is he left a Suicide note at his last known. He is homeless and crashes with friends. Active in groups like Occupy Homes and Nothing for Us Without Us. If you know him, know people in DC area, or have any social media, please spread the word. Help people who love him find him.

If you have any info please contact MPD telephone tip line (202 727-9099) & an anonymous text number (50411) and/or @AmandaMichelle”

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  • 13 comments on Upp’s post, and not one on this one. Does anyone else think that’s sad? I hope the suicide note is a fake and that they find him.

    • I’m not assuming that lack of comments is the same thing as lack of caring. I wouldn’t have commented if I hadn’t seen your post because I tend not to do: “yeah, that’s sad”…. posts that can’t add anything to a discussion. What I am struck by is the difference in numbers of comments between this post — and posts about lost pets. It seems like animals pull more attention than people.

      • I can’t agree with you more about the startling difference in responses between lost or homeless pets and actual people!

        • I suspect this is because we feel less immediately responsible for lost/homeless pets than people and have a greater perceived capacity to help a stray animal than a lost soul.

  • Anonnn, part of that is probably because of the odd circumstances and semi-sensational story surrounding her last disappearance.

    Hopefully they find him and he can get some help.

    • Agreed — if this thread included a link to a New York Times story on the disappeared person, I suspect there would be more comments here too.

  • Justin is an incredible person and a gift to humanity. His work with foreclosure defense and youth homelessness advocacy has touched more lives than most of us could hope for during our time here. He has been known to house sit in Takoma Park area and was currently living in Columbia Heights so if anyone lives in those areas please be extra vigilant!

  • In case anyone is still checking this post, it looks like he was found:


    “**** Update 9/9/13

    He is fine with people who care about him. Thanks everyone who spread the word. “

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