Hannah Emily Upp Missing from Kensington – UPDATE – Located


From Montgomery County Police Department:

“Detectives from the 4th District Investigative Section are asking for the public’s assistance in locating a woman missing from the Kensington area.

Hannah Emily Upp, age 28, of the 3000 block of Upton Drive in Kensington was last seen this morning at approximately 7:45 a.m. near Kemp Mill Road and Glenallan Avenue.

She is described as a white female, 5’7″ tall, and weighing approximately 160 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Ms. Upp was last seen wearing a black shirt and brown pants.

Police and family are concerned for Upp’s welfare and her mental well being. Upp has been reported missing before and, when located, she required medical attention. Some of her belongings were found on a foot path near Wheaton Plaza. It is likely that she does not have any identification with her.

Anyone with information regarding Ms. Upp’s whereabouts is asked to contact 4th District detectives at 240-773-5530, or the Montgomery County Police non-emergency number at 301-279-8000.”

UPDATE from Montgomery County Police:

“Hannah Emily Upp, age 28, of the 3000 block of Upton Drive in Kensington has been located unharmed. She made contact with her family at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday night and was found in the area of Georgia Avenue and Shorefield Road in Wheaton. Detectives have met with her and will continue their investigation later today.”

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  • wow–last time she disappeared she was gone for 3 weeks and was found near-drowned by the Staten Island ferry.
    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/01/nyregion/thecity/01miss.html?ref=thecity I hope they find her soon and that MCPS gets out the bloodhounds, patrols the waterways, etc. She seems really sick.

  • Check the NYT article from Feb. 27, 2009, her last disappearance made the papers, too. That one was quite dramatic, she was found alive, floating in New York Harbor.

  • Wow…the NY Times story is crazy. I hope she turns Upp.

  • Time for Detective Sam!

  • I read the NY Times article and it’s interesting that, when she disappeared back in 2009, it was the same week as the start of the new school year …same as this time (she’s a teacher, or at least was then). Hoping someone spots her. I’ll repost on Facebook.

  • I was living in New York in 2009 and recognized the name immediately from all the media coverage of her first disappearance. If this turns out to be anything like last time, she is either some bizarre faker/manipulator or has some dissociative problem or other serious psychological issue. Hope she is found safe and can get the help she needs.

    • Good catch. I wonder if all the stress/possible anxiety from a new school year could have set off the condition.

    • I thought the NYT article said she’d been diagnosed as having had a dissociative fugue (or having been in a dissociative fugue state… not sure quite what the terminology is).
      I think it might’ve been helpful if the police alert had mentioned the term “dissociative fugue” (even if most of us wouldn’t know what that means without looking it up). Before reading the NYT article, I thought maybe she was developmentally disabled. Instead, it seems that she suffers from a very rare condition that leaves her perfectly able to communicate but with no recollection of who she really is.
      The NYT article mentioned that security camera footage at an Apple store from during her NYC disappearance showed her talking with another Pace student: “Her conversation with the Pace student had a similarly surreal quality. While Ms. Upp says she does not recall the meeting, a store security camera showed her speaking with the young man, who had asked her if she was the missing student everyone was trying to find. She said she wasn’t.”

  • unbelievable story. hope she’s alright and eager to hear an update. incidentally, walter white uses the fugue state as an alibi in one of the early seasons of breaking bad.

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