Future La Colombe Coffee Spot in Blagden Alley Looking Awesome – Possibly Opening Late October

Rear of 922 N Street, NW

Holy cow, the future La Colombe coffee spot coming to Blagden Alley is looking absolutely amazing.


@ShawRez tweets:

“Spoke w la colombe today–hoping for late October opening.”

Though still a bit of work to do on the inside but the outside is phenomenal, especially considering how it used to look:

March 2011

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  • YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s (2nd picture) the actual view out of my office window. We’re all very excited for La Colombe as our neighbors in Blagden Alley.

    • I bet you get some curious looks when people ask you where you work and you tell them that you work in an alley 🙂

      Is this the old waffles place?

  • I was excited until I found out they were going to be the new chipotle distributor. I have no interest anymore.

    • Hmm, I think you might have got it the wrong way round. Chipotle is currently running a pilot program in one DC franchise which offers La Colombe coffee. It is not clear whether this pilot program will continue and expand. Just to be clear, La Colombe will not be “a distributor” for Chipotle.

      • It is a pilot program in hopes of becoming a nationwide program. Why do I want McDonald’s coffee to take up such a unique space in my neighborhood?

  • Won’t all that coffee slurping and keyboard tapping annoy the neighbors?

    • funny. clearly you have no concept of how residential this alley is and a bar with outdoor roof deck would severely decrease the quality of life for people who live in the alley and the homes that back up to alley along M, N and 10th street. no more move to burbs statements. if your neighbors had an outdoor drunken party 5-6 nights a week no matter where you lived – burbs or city – you would have an issue with it.

      • tonyr

        You do know that the place that you’re referring to is around the corner – not this place?

        • Yes, I am very aware they are two different buildings. Just saying the comment was funny and aimed at those opposed to the bar with outdoor roofdeck. But, the roofdeck is a serious noise concern. for the person asking if I’m moving, do you have $1 million plus to buy my house and live with a constant frat party while you’re trying to sleep? any city is noisy but why do all you “cool” people insist that anyone who objects to something that will become a nuisance move from where they have made their home?

      • Then only let the outdoor deck stay open until 10 or 11pm. Problem solved. New business, no one annoyed.

  • So then you are moving huh?

    I always wonder what the goal is of people against progress and rebuilding. It is going to happen.

    If you are looking for peace and quiet go find it…. It’s not in DC

    • Neighbor here who is all for progress. Lived through disruptive build of convention center. Made this place home for 17 years. Not all progress is good. Perhaps when you invest enough time in one place you will understand.

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