Everlasting Life Restaurant & Lounge Coming to Takoma

6904 4th Street, NW

Thanks to Caroline for sending the photo above. From Everlasting Life’s Facebook page:

Everlasting Life Restaurant & Lounge is expanding!!

We’re set to open our newest location in Takoma Park (in the Washington DC metropolitan area) within the next few months!

We’d like to thank all of our loyal customers for your support over the years! None of this would be possible without you!

Spread the word! Takoma Park has a new Vegan Restaurant!!!!!”

This is the Everlasting Life from 9185 Central Avenue in Capitol Heights Maryland not to be confused with the previously known Everlasting Life from 2928 Georgia Ave, NW, soon to be known as Woodland’s Vegan Bistro.”

About the Everlasting Life coming to Takoma:

“At Everlasting Life Restaurant & Lounge we fuse flavorful ethnic cuisine with a 100% vegan menu. We aim to consistently exceed your expectations and are committed to setting the standard on what delicious and fresh vegan meals should be. Affordable and convenient, Everlasting Life Restaurant & Lounge seeks to provide value to our customers and employees through our efforts and expertise. Drop by and experience the taste of health with a soulful twist!”

You can see their daily menu here.

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  • Oh yeah! (Randy Savage voice)

    This place rules and I’m glad they’re expanding. Speaking as a very non-vegan, the food is wonderful and the juice bar is a thing of beauty.

    • oh crap. i rescend this. i was so excited i didn’t see the part about how it’s not affiliated with everlasting life on georgia ave. it’s THAT place that rules. go there to experience what i was talking about above.

  • Oh no! Where did the electronics place move to? They used to repair all my old stuff.

  • I hope this doesn’t hurt business at Senbeb Cafe at 3rd and Sheridan. If anywhere can sustain two vegan soul food places, its TPK, but Senbeb is a great part of the community and the food is amazing!

  • Ok, looks like it’s time for another educational conversation about differentiating between Takoma DC and Takoma Park MD. It’s kind of like York, PA and NY, NY – they share the same word but they’re very different places.

    • Can you explain? I’m not familiar with the area and always just assumed it was the same place that just happened to straddle the line.

      • It is – the MD side is the larger and has most of commercial, which sites directl next to the DC side. Small Plates is suggesting an differtiation that does not exist.

      • Takoma Park was started as one neighborhood a hundred years ago but Takoma Park, MD and Takoma DC have developed differently due to their different jurisdictions. People who live on the DC side are very proud to be DC residents and don’t like being lumped in with the suburb. A lot of people don’t even know that their is a Takoma DC. Residents want to change that. Neighborhood branding is important to development. Almost all of the exciting developments in the area are happening on the DC side. Whether talking about a new restaurant, apartment building, or even the metro station it’s important to be clear that it’s in DC, not Maryland. This is especially pertinent when Maryland residents and elected officials line up to appose some of that development.

        • Just because a handful of DC snobs feel the need to pretend like Takoma is a viable neighborhood without the patronage of Takoma Parkers doesn’t mean it’s actually an important distinction. And no, “Almost all of the exciting developments in the area are happening on the DC side” could, literally, not be further from the truth. You obviously don’t have any concept of what you’re talking about. The single ongoing development you see in Takoma is what immediately straddles and feeds off of the $$ and energy in Takoma Park.

          • It’s not just about proximity to Takoma Park, MD. It’s primarily about proximity to the Takoma Metro Station, which is in DC. The neighborhood’s development has been transit oriented from the start. Of course people in the neighborhood spend money on both sides of the border.

            Other than Jeff Black’s restaurant I’m not aware of any significant developments in old Takoma Park. Takoma DC has La Mano, Busboys & Poets, hundreds of housing units, and this new restaurant. Trohv, opened 2 years ago but, like Busboys, is able to draw people from outside the neighborhood. There’s also the development at Walter Reed to look forward to. I don’t know why anyone would get upset at Takoma DC residents who are just looking to put their neighborhood on the map.

  • I have to admit, that stretch of retail on 4th St NW has always felt a little tired. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for Starbucks and Pottery Barn to move in, but I do think the neighborhood would benefit from something a little more interesting than what’s there now.

  • Based on my experience there they have a few kinks to work out before they start expanding!

  • I hope they have some vegetarian options here!

  • This is good news, and now I want to check out the Senbeb Cafe, too.

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