Culture Coffee Still Coming to Kennedy Street

709 Kennedy Street, NW

Coffee Thursday concludes with…

“Dear PoPville,

Permits are posted and sheets of nice clean brown paper are pinned in the windows, but week after week there is no sign of activity at 709 Kennedy St NW, reportedly the future home of Culture Coffee. What’s wrong?”

I’m happy to say nothing is wrong and construction is progressing. The owner tells me that they are in the “final stages of building” and they hope to open in early November.

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  • The fact that the proposed opening was late summer and now its late fall, initially, had me worried. But then I thought about the fact that BlueJacket is 5 months behind their proposed datend places and places like Homestead on GA Ave and the bar thats supposed to open on Sherman Ave (Hilltopper?) will be lucky to open 5 months late. So i’ll continue to wait and hope the added time will bring added greatness.

  • It takes a loooooong time to get these construction projects pushed through. That’s the way it works in this red tape crazy wonderful wacky city of ours. Sigh.

  • I do wish they had some indication on their website that they are not yet open. It’s great to see their menu and hours now, but it was a letdown when I headed that way for a cup of joe one morning thinking that meant they’d opened.

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