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Correcting a Huge Mistake – Demo of Old Dunbar High School Begins

by Prince Of Petworth September 26, 2013 at 4:00 pm 20 Comments

1301 New Jersey Ave, NW

Great to see the horrific old Dunbar high school start to get demolished on New Jersey Ave, NW.

According to @DCDGS this area will become:

“Construction Team is preparing the site for the all-new bleachers, football & track field.”

We took a look at the new Dunbar High School here.


  • Anonymous

    Meanwhile, a hundred yards to the east, the wealthy, politically connected proprietors of the failing CAPCS, Inc. charter school (“Expectatios of Excellence” said their LED sign, sic, for years) have paved over nearly an acre of grass to create a parking lot for a PG County church. (Remember Metropolitan Baptist Church and all their parking antics in Shaw? Yep. Same outfit.) Yes, this is in an area of flooding, just down the hill from Bloomingdale. Most ironic of all, attendees of the PG church still park illegally everywhere they can.

    The parking lot was done by Fort Myer Construction, literally by dark of night. No notice, no permit, no approval, no environmental study, no drainage.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and they are being fined thousands of dollars per DAY, retroactive to when the paving took place. I have hopes that the DDOE will hold their feet to the fire and make them tear it up to return the green space that was promised as part of the school reconstruction. But I’m not holding out any hope given the statement from the ANC rep that “What’s done is done, can’t we all just move past this?” Um, NO!! Here’s hoping the greased palms don’t win this battle.

      • Anonymous

        I wish people would use the name of this specific ANC rep… she needs to be remembered for her horrible “leadership”. VOTE OUT Joyce Robinson-Paul!!

  • anon1

    they are also reusing some of the rebar and concrete for building the track… all part of LEED platinum

  • Anonymous

    you aint got no alibi!

    good riddance!

  • Anonymous

    big news for the Truxton Circle area! hup hup

  • Sparta

    I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that this building was a school.

  • Logan

    Anyone know what is going in here after they finish the demolition?

    • Football field.

      • Anonymous

        and they are going to open O St again..

        • Anonymous

          Yes. It’s halfway complete already, from the eastern end — and it’s most heavily used by parents from PG County dropping off kids at CAPCS, Inc. The proceed to drive downtown, or park on streets nearby and ride the Red Line to work.

  • kook47797

    So much 70s architecture makes you think “what were they thinking???”

  • Anonymous

    Always looked like a prison to me…. built on the panopticon model.

  • bb

    Huge win for the neighborhood. And if they’re really going to restore some of the grid here, that would also be really wonderful. Next up…Reeves Center?

  • Anonymous

    The mistake they’re referring to is the 1970s brutalist building, not the high school itself.

    • Anonymous

      it’s like people WANT to not understand things.

  • Anonymous

    Just the opposite. Those white yuppie newcomers just funded a first class high school — Dunbar, at the corner of 1st and O St NW – with their white yuppie tax dollars. You should check it out.

    • Anonymous

      don’t play into the divide.

  • Anonymous

    you are right that dunbar was the first black high school. but it wasn’t the dunbar that is currently being razed. it was the one before that.

    the history of the students of the brutalist structure was not even close to the history of the students of the first dunbar.

    the hate is for the building.

  • An article explaining exactly what the architects and community were thinking with the design of the 1977 Dunbar High School: “The Dunbar High School Dilemma: Architecture, Power, and African American Cultural Heritage” http://architecture.tulane.edu/sites/default/files/news/2013/the_dunbar_high_school_dilemma.pdf


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