Pharmacare Pharmacy Indefinitely Closed Due to Fraud Allegations

Georgia/7th and Florida Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Pharmacare Pharmacy on Florida and Georgia Ave. NW served a huge low-income contingency in DC. Social service agencies, particularly those serving HIV/AIDS and mental health clients have been left to scramble to find alternative pharmaceutical providers that deliver and work with clients even if they don’t have insurance. Big hit for an already struggling population.

There’s an article in the Baltimore Sun about the arrests and charges.”


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  • That’s too bad.

  • ledroittiger

    From the article, it sounds like Pharmacare would only work with patients who HAD insurance, whether it be private or state-funded.

  • gotryit

    Sad, but not surprising, that jerks will take advantage of the poor and sick.

  • @gotryit – this is the case for pretty much the ENTIRE healthcare industry. [Insured] sick folks make for great customers. That’s the entire business model.

  • It didn’t sound like they were taking advantage of the poor and sick. It sounds more like they were taking advantage of the American taxpayer by bill for fake patients and unused refills.

  • strange tone to this comment, like somehow its a bad thing that these guys were shut down. read the article – they were stealing from their patients.

  • I thought this corner (newly redone retail) would get better use with something else … let’s hope something goes in to replace it …

  • Anonymous 12:06 gets it.
    “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

  • If this place is going to go out of business, I hope it happens quickly and cleanly so something different can move in. There’s nothing like strung out legal proceedings to prevent movement. There’s so much great stuff happening in this neck of the woods – it would be a shame if a basically vacant property ended up blighting this prominent corner.

  • Not surprising. I live around the corner from here and have never, ever seen anyone entering/exiting or even working here since it “opened” 4 years ago or so. This has always been a weird spot- esp. given the lack of parking and the fact that a CVS is across the street (although it’s an overall unsavory CVS, its pharmacists are great). The doors at this Pharmacare joint are always locked and it’s deserted/sketchy. Hence the full window decals blocking any view into the interior. Please put something, anything else there to help improve this intersection.

  • If it’s true that no one was ever in here and that the doors were locked, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were using the business for other crimes (e.g. money laundering).

  • What business on that corner ISN’T running shady dealings… That’s the question.

    That area is sooo blighted, I was ecstatic when the Howard Theater got re-opened, but I think now it’s time to look at the businesses there and expect them to improve their appearance. Even the ancient CVS there is old and decrepit and always out of items. Making the neighborhood safer means cleaning up those stores!

  • Wow, Who would have seen this coming with the posters that blocked all the windows and made it look completely uninviting! Make way for something better!

  • lovefifteen

    I always wondered about this place because there were never any customers going inside. The windows were completely covered with posters, too. You couldn’t see inside and the place looked like it wasn’t in business for years. I guess the mystery has been solved.

  • if it looks like a front and quacks like a front, its a front. classic.

  • I think the OP is concerned about both the healthcare fraud and how the people who need medication will get it now that the pharmacy rightly has been closed.

  • What’s worse is i didn’t find out about this till today at my doctor’s appointment when my case manager told me they wouldn’t be doing any more services.. hell she couldn’t even fix my bge bill let alone tell me that i have to pick another provider? and now i’m stuck with $7.50 Co-pays. I hate baltimore.. glad i’m moving

    • If you are looking for a truly upstanding specialty pharmacy that will work with you try Bradley drugs in Bethesda. David will be there for you.

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