M Cafe and Bar Now Open in Logan Circle

1634 14th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“There does not seem to be much fanfare but M Café Bar opened Wednesday night… They were serving what they called an opening menu that is shorter than what the final menu will be.”

Unfortunately, full menus aren’t posted yet. Anyone happen to stop by?

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  • Is this the same restaurant that used to be in Friendship Heights? I assume it has the same menu. It’s pretty basic, Italian, but I found it tasty and it had good martinis.

  • What a boring looking restaurant! I can’t wait until it and the new one across the street close so we can get something a little nicer looking in. My bet is it won’t be long.

  • those awnings are awful

  • Interesting location for a McCafe. I’m guessing this is a new concept from McDonalds combining their traditional McCafes with the new McBars and offering a new design and color scheme. Is this the first in the country or are there others?

  • lindz0722

    No menus, no operating hours… but at least the website has a full and in-depth profile of the general manager. I may not know what they serve and when, but — hooray — I know the nickname he prefers to go by!

    Doesn’t really seem to be much of a customer-centric focus here, from day 1.

  • Both M and Bar di Barri seem so
    strange. Are they fronts for something?
    Yay, let’s add 2 more Italian restaurnts to
    14th Street. Not.

  • This place looks like a real estate agency or an insurance broker, not a restaurant.

  • I have to agree that I don’t understand why anyone would think an (another) Italian restaurant is needed here – other than Italian is cheap to produce, but they can still charge 14th St prices….

  • We stopped by. It was pretty much empty at Saturday evening rush. We took the advice of the multiple overbearing staffers that hovered over us and was thoroughly underwhelmed by our overpriced meal and generally how criminally out of touch the whole enterprise was.

  • First those tacky blue awnings, now a rusty, tattered fence! That fence looks like it belongs in front of the rat-infested building by 14th and Corcoran that is condemned.

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