Get Ready for the Astro Doughnut Banh Mi Sandwich available from PhoWheelsDC in September

Photo via PhoWheelsDC

From Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken:

“Chef Jason Gehring has teamed up with one of his favorite food trucks, PhoWheelsDC to make a limited edition Astro Doughnut Banh Mi Sandwich. The sandwich will be filled with either five spice maple glazed pork belly, soy garlic chicken, or mushroom-onion tofu, and topped with pickled radish and carrots, cilantro, cucumbers and truffle aioli on a savory Astro doughnut. It’s priced at $8, with the option of adding a fried egg on top for an additional $1. The sandwich will be available via the Pho Wheels truck throughout the month of September. You can check their whereabouts via their Twitter feed here.”

Banh Mi Burger
Photo courtesy of PhoWheelsDC

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  • Maple, truffle oil, AND cilantro? On the same sandwich? It’s like there’s a beer hall putsch in my mouth and everyone’s Hitler!

  • Are folks a fan of these doughnuts, speaking of Astro? I think their fried chicken is very tasty, but I’ve tried the doughnuts a few times and across several varieties, there was a really weird flavor that I can’t quite place, but which I REALLY don’t like. Just not into it.

    • Do they fry them in the same oil as the chicken? That might create an odd taste.

      Ugh, do we really need to be a world where sandwiches are served on doughnuts? Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to shove a sweet treat in my face. But really with the doughnuts, people.

      Speaking of the word doughnut, I’d rather use donut. I’m too lazy for all those other letters.

      • Yes. The world needs a world where sandwiches are served on donuts.

      • I can see it being good with certain fillings. But not banh mi. What makes banh mi special is the mash up of French and Vietnamese cuisine. If you get rid of the baguette it becomes something else entirely.

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