Dear PoPville – Warning: Flasher in Meridian Hill Park

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jess J

“Dear PoPville,

While walking my dog this morning in Meridian Hill Park a man approached me and proceeded to expose and pleasure himself. I yelled that I would call police he quickly apologized, zipped up and headed out of the park. I contacted the police to report the incident and they confirmed they would contact officers in the area. This occurred on the far side of the park on the stairs closest to 16th Street and Florida. He was last seen heading down Florida towards 17th-18th Street area.

Hispanic Male
5 ft. 6 in.
Wearing: white tshirt, jean shorts and a navy or black back pack

Just a warning to those in the area, he approached casually, I honestly thought just harmless exchange of pleasantries, before I realized what he was doing.”

Ed. Note: MPD has alerted Park Police as well.

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  • A polite, lewd encounter, humans are so fickle. Glad to hear incident ended at just that.

  • “I yelled that I would call police he quickly apologized, zipped up and headed out of the park.”

    A considerate flasher? Bless his heart.

  • I think it’s kind of funny how he apologized once he realized he had offended.

  • Thanks for letting me know. What a creeper.

  • I was flashed by someone of a similar description a few months ago on 15th and East Capitol SE. He passed me on a bike then turnaround and approached on the sidewalk while still on his bike and flashing.

    • I got flashed by a man on a bike on Irving NW by the VA med center. maybe a year or so ago? not fun. I managed to wave down a police car, but the officers only seemed mildly interested.

  • Funny but nothing new. I used to run in Meridian Hill years ago and I got flashers almost every morning. I swear I saw more penises during those years than I ever did when I was young and actually having sex!! They used to stand with their heads in the trees and their penises hanging out of their unzipped pants. Or they would walk towards me while I was running with their penises swinging or in their hands. I guess it was their attempt to scare the female jogger or some kind of male dominance thing. It was a morning ritual and I was a hard-core morning runner. I lived in the Dorchester House and Meridian Hill was too close and too inviting. I used to ignore them and that seemed to work. They were still there every morning, but once they realized I wasn’t going to scream and run in fear they kinda just became part of the morning scenery. Just like the two dead bodies with the plastic bags tied over their heads. Back then they came in all colors and races. Every time I called and reported them to the Park Service they would ask me, “Miss, why are you running in that park, don’t you know it’s dangerous?”

  • I had a similar experience of being flashed by someone of similar description. He was riding a bike on Kenyon and 11th street. I was on my way to work and he took the time to flash me and circle back. Seems like he gets around, according to the other flashing comment. I did call the police and give a description.

  • So the surprised apology suggests he thought the OP would appreciate his…contribution…and then regretted his inaccurate assessment once she indicated otherwise?

  • I read that the best way to respond to that is to point and laugh. turns the tables on them.

    • figby

      Great idea from a guy, thanks. But since some rapists begin as flashers, not a brilliant idea for a woman alone in a park.

      Didn’t we have this same discussion with the Georgetown flasher? Humiliating and potentially angering a sex offender is not a great strategy in an isolated place.

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