Dog Shot Four Times – WHS Offering $5000 Reward for Info


From the Washington Humane Society:

“On Wednesday, July 24, the Washington Humane Society (WHS) responded to a call regarding a critically wounded dog, Buster, found in the alley behind the address where he lived on the 300 Block of 54th St. NE.

Buster, an adult brindle and white pit bull type dog, had been shot four times in the face and chest with a .380 caliber handgun and was left to die. WHS Animal Care and Control Officers were first on the scene and immediately notified the WHS Humane Law Enforcement Department. Once on the scene, Humane Law Enforcement discovered several shell casings and contacted the Metropolitan Police Department.

Officers believe that Buster was shot the evening of Tuesday, July 23, leaving him injured and undiscovered for more than 15 hours. Due to the severity of the gunshot wounds and the significant loss of blood, Buster had to be humanely euthanized.

WHS is now offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this horrific act of animal cruelty.

If you have any information about this case, please contact Officer D’Eramo at the Washington Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement Department: [email protected] or (202) 723-5730.

Private donations made to the WHS Justice Fund support the offerings of monetary rewards for animal cruelty investigations in the hopes of finding abusers. To make a donation, please visit”

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  • I don’t normally advocate violence, but this time I hope the POS that did this learns what getting shot in the face twice feels like.

  • De-lurking to say that I’m kind of horrified that you put that picture up without a disclaimer.

    • I mean without a warning of some sort…

      • “Horrified”. The most graphic thing in that picture is the blood on the sheets. Calm down.

      • Agreed — it is pretty graphic.
        Maybe save it for after the “jump” and put “WARNING — Graphic picture after the jump”?

        • Agreed–it’s at the very least startling and disturbing. With all the beautiful garden and house pictures on the site, you don’t expect to see a bloody dog.

    • +1

      That picture is awful.

      You certainly wouldn’t put up a picture of a human being shot and bleeding like that, so why a dog?

  • Wow, poor guy.

    How the hell are 4 shots fired in the city and the cops are not called?!?!

  • there should be a warning for these kinds of posts, POP. thanks for making me tear up at work. and screw those heartless monsters.

  • It’s frightening to think the scum who did this is out roaming free with a gun.

  • Welp, I came here for the GDoN during lunch hour and saw a dog that’s been shot in the face.

  • I could cry right now. What kind of monster would do this?

  • OMG what’s wrong with people!!! Breaks my heart… Please update us when/if they catch this person!

  • There’s a special place in hell for anyone who would do something like this. So sad.

  • So Facking Livid at this moment…

  • Who are the real ‘animals’?

  • ledroittiger

    Fighting dog that wasn’t winning? What would possess someone to do something like this?

  • You owe us an extremely cute Afternoon Animal Fix today.

  • And remind me why pitbulls get a bad rap? It’s “people” like treat them like this…….

  • Unfortunately I already saw this picture on facebook since I “like” the Wash Humane page. Teared up again though. I can’t even imagine what I would do if something like this happened to one of my dogs. Sadly, it seems the owner of this dog are probably not the type who would see him as a family member. RIP poor baby 🙁

  • Well this could have been self defense. Maybe the dog attacked the wrong hoodlum who was carrying a gun. We don’t know what really happened here.

    • I seriously hope that you’re being sarcastic.

      • Well, as a different anon, I think reasonable people have to at least admit the possibility it was self-defense. Remember the guy a few months ago that rescued a couple of kids from the top of a car by shooting a dog or two? And, despite all the pitbull fanatics, there are some bad pitbulls in the world, and they are often large and strong enough to be dangerous.

        All that being said, it seems more likely that this is just an example of a horrific crime. But the rush to extreme judgement without the facts is a little wild.

  • How did Buster’s family/owners not know/report that he was shot for 15 hours? Regardless of whether Buster’s family/owners had anything to do with the shooting, I hope they get charged with negligence or animal cruelty for leaving him to bleed out.

  • There is a special place in hell for people who do that to animals. Disgusting.

  • DC CapHill

    4 gunshots and it took 15 hours for someone to discover this poor thing? I don’t care what ‘hood you reside in, you’re telling me NOBODY called the Cops to report this? That’s absurd.

    Nothing deserves to suffer like that, minus the scumbag(s) that did this.

    • I wondered the same thing.
      Given the street address (54th St. NE), I’m suspecting that gunshots 1) aren’t that uncommon and 2) aren’t always reported, partly because they’re not uncommon.

  • So, how many of the appalled people here eat meat? Also, do you tear up the same way when you read about far worse violence inflicted upon humans?

    • Yep. I don’t understand why violence against animals elicits such a strong reaction from people, where as human shooting victims generally get the “gee, isn’t life in a city tough” response.

      • I think it has to do with the fact… at least for me..that children and animals are usually innocent and cant comprehend why something terrible has happened to them. You just know that they are probably scared and hurting.

        • Agreed. I think it has to do with the fact that, aside from the physical aspect of such violence, which is horrible regardless of whether the victim is human or animal, violence against animals (especially dogs) also involves a certain betrayal of trust and shattered innocence that I find heartbreaking. We have bred dogs to serve us and be our companions, and they do so unconditionally. They entrust us with their lives, and when we betray that trust, I can’t help but think that the damage done is more than merely physical.

    • How much worse does it get than getting shot in the head four times and then suffering for 15 hours? I mean I think we are talking about some of the worst violence against a living being that you can think of.

    • There’s a big difference between being shot in the face and left to bleed out for 15 hours and being swiftly killed and turned into food.

  • Putting up pictures like this with outside sort of warning for graphic content is very alarming. I understand the need to spread the word about this but it could be done without the graphic photo. In the future can this be an “after the jump” type situation. It has turned me off from wanting to come to this website on a regular basis.

  • Poor baby. I hope that they catch the monster who did this.

  • What kind of reward is generally offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of suspects in shootings of humans?

    • There’s a MPD web page for that! Google “reward homicide dc”. Rewards up to $25k for information leading to arrests in unsolved homicide cases; $10k for robberies and $1k for other serious crimes. Don’t know about other jurisdictions but Google can probably tell you that also.

  • Thank you, PoP, for sharing this sad, but very important story. While many are upset to see the photo without a warning, it is a good reminder of the cruelty so many animals in DC face and no one hears about. I hope by sharing the atrocity of this act, someone who knows something may step forward. If this post upset you, dog lover or not, please donate to the Washington Humane Society so they may continue to do the good work they do educating against such crimes and caring for other neglected dogs. Poor pup.

    • +1. Everyone calm down. That photo is hardly graphic.

      I would be curious to know how the dog was shot and left outside its owners’ home and the owners did not somehow realize it? Are they suspected of this? There are a few gaps in this story that do not make sense.

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